Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Betch!

Finally, 16 ka na!
Wow...tanda mo na pala!
But nevertheless, you haven't changed.

She's been my classmate ever since grade 2 and my best friend since grade 4
Tagal na pala. Haha!
Iniwan kasi kami ng "best friends" namin nung grade 3 eh.
So kami nalang nag sama (with Louie and Benjamin of course. Yes, BENJAMIN)
We became instant friends nung naging mag seatmate kami nung grade 4.
Then we became best friends when we started comparing some of our interests with each other.
Who knew we'd have a lot in common.
AY! Pati (okay, mababaw lang 'to) nung nalaman namin na mag kasunod kami ng birthday. Haha!
Hey, we were KIDS!

Anyway, I was pretty ignorant when I was young.
I didn't exactly knew a "Beverly" until we had a drawing activity in grade 2 (that was by the middle part of the school year)
Our teacher would construct a pyramid of our drawings. The drawing on top would be the one our teacher considered the best.
Beverly's drawing of Lil from Rugrats earned that spot and that was when I met her.

I only knew her for 3 things:
(1) She was the one who drew well
(2) She's the daughter of the former star, Liz Alindogan
(3) She was the one hanging out with the smartest girl in our class, Paulince Ongtengco.

Note: Forgetting the smallest fact that she was the only one who looked Chinese in our class.
I told you I was ignorant.

Going back, a lot happened to us.
More people came and became our best friends.

Here's what happened:
Grade 5- Henriette gave us her favorite card asking us to be her best friends.
Grade 6- Hannah and Cheskee became our close friends.
1st year high school- Henriette and I became closer; Cheskee left us and Patti became a friend.
Days before summer in 1st year- Hannah left for Canada.
2nd year high school- Patti, Bea and Ruth became our best friends.
3rd year high school- Ruth left for Dubai and Lauren became a friend.
And now
4th year high school- We all are closer than ever.

Raming nangyari no? Pero kahit sobrang raming nangyari samin, hindi kami nag kalayo ni Bevs.
Aawww! True!
Ay! Well except nung first year. We were separated.
Well whatever.


Gosh! Rami palang nangyari satin no?
From being losers in our intermed years to STILL being losers in high school.
But it's alright 'cause we still have each other. AAWW!!!
Bevs, you're one of those people who understands me thoroughly. Kahit minsan sobrang labo ko mag salita.
You're also one of those people na kahit sobrang bad trip ako, effort-less ka nag papatawa.
You're one of those people who I ALWAYS look forward seeing no matter what instance.

Thankies for everything Babes!
Kahit ngayon stuck pa ren ako sa "intermed" level ng pag iisip, you still treat me the same.
Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

A little about Beverly:
She hates carrots
She's addicted to Incubus
She loves animal prints
She LOVES Brandon Boyd (BIG emphasis on LOVE)
She loves hippie bands
She loves yard sales
She's into head bands
She loves Make it mine (haha!)
She loves Serena's clothes (Serena from GG)
She likes designing clothes
She's into rare bands
She loves songs that has trumpets
She has this certain sickness that she unconsciously mocks people (naming myself as one of the victims)
She strongly dislikes Amy Winehouse


Take care Bevs! Love you always!
You're the best! I hope that you won't change.
Well, for the bad rather.
Haha! And always remember that we, betches, are always here for you okay?
Aaww! Lovey!


By the way, Happy Eidil Ftir!

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