Friday, October 3, 2008

Thanks a bunch melamine!

I assume most of you are aware of the milk tainted melamine from China.

2 words: THIS SUCKS

I hate it! I couldn't eat chocolate without having second thoughts about melamine.
It's starting to scare and annoy me at the same time.
Men! Damn you China!
Haha! Kidding!

I bought Cadburry and Hershey's the other day (Monday)
Sakto pag-uwi ka sa bahay, may news about a certain store banning Cadburry chocolates because researches found traces of melamine.
I couldn't eat them tuloy.
Even the Hershey's chocolate...I ain't risking.
Oh! And Anjela gave me Nestle chocolates for my brithday (thank you so much anak!)
Hindi ko ren siya makain kasi puro melamine lang yung nakatatak sa ulo ko.
Hate you melamine!

And China.


Sorry Bevs!

-Part 2 -
Car ride on the way home was
I'm referring to the conversation kuya and I had.
Well...fine. Lanz was there too.
Anyway, we were basically talking about movies we wathced and wanted to see.
Kuya mentioned a certain movie that intrigued me
The movie is entitled:

Open Water

The movie is basically about an unmarried couple on a vacation.
They decided to go scuba diving one day. As the couple were enjoying themselves in the water, the boat left thinking everyone was on board. The couple was stranded fo days. No land was seen and the bad thing about is they were floating in a shark infested sea. All hope was gone and blah blah blah...
Don't want to further spoil the movie
but this is all I have to say:

This movie is SCARY.

Shallow, I know.
But think of it this way- it's possible.
It can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere.
Basta! Scary talaga siya para sakin.
I don't know with you.
Watch it!

Oh by the way, matagal na 'tong movie.

Lanz: "I don't get it Kuya. I thought you hate sharks but you want to watch shark movies?!?!"
Kuya Igie: "Well yeah...'cause it'll provoke your fear."
*short pause*
Kuya Igie: "Yup. Just provoking your fear..."

Haha! Cute!

-Part 3-
It was my birthday yesterday.
Yehey! I'm finally 16.
Actually hindi ko nga masyado na feel na birthday ko kahapon.
Parang normal day lang. Nothing special. Haha!
Oh yeah! Thank you nga pala sa mga nag greet!
(O! kilala niyo naman kung sino kayo!)
It meant a lot! Konte lang kasi naka alala ng birthday ko eh.
Grineet lang ako ng iba kasi they were told it was my birthday. Haha!
I know. SAD.
So thanks again! Love you people!

Anyhoo, we ate at Leslie's last night.
I was glad my cousins were able to come. I missed them a lot!
Gosh! Ang rami kong kinain kagabi!
Ayoko na! Na fee-feel ko ng tumataba ako every time I chew. MEN!


Oh yeah! I also went to Church yesterday (a tradition)


By the way, I don't want to post some pics kasi malala itsura ko.


Car Show held in the World Trade Center
August 23, 2008

Okay. Random pic, I know.
Just want to let you all know that, that thing over there, standing next to me besides my brother, is NOT a robot okay?
Wanna clear things out.
A lot of people were fooled.
Sad to say, my parents were one of them.

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