Tuesday, October 28, 2008


We went to Elsie Gaches today.
For some of you who have no idea where Elsie Gaches is, it's located near ATC.
Anyway, the main reason why we went to Elsie Gaches is because we threw a small party for the mentally challenged people. (By the way, I strongly dislike using the term mongoloid. It sounds insulting and barbaric)
We brought food, prizes (for the games) and a CD for the short dance the cheer dancers were to perform.

Pagdating namin sa Elsie Gaches, kinabahan ako ng konte. Hindi ko lang pina halata kina Bevs kasi kinakabahan naren sila.
I didn't know why naging nervous ako ng sandali. Kasi akala ko i-a-attack (which I later realized was mean) nila ako kung may masabi akong hindi nila magustuhan. But I was wrong. They were really nice people!
SOBRANG bait nila! And they didn't seem "sick" at all!
There wasn't any gap. Wala akong naramdaman na "difference". They seemed normal to me.
I was kinda expecting yung mga tipong hindi na masyado nag sasalita and yung mga prone sa tantrums. Oh and I was also expecting kids! It turned out na may mga edad na yung hinandle (handle) namin!
They were great! Sobrang happy nila! I mean nung wala kaming stereo and we ended up singing just to fill the gap in the entertainment part of the program, they didn't hesitate and danced! Nakasayaw pa nga nila Mike and Rei eh! They were cute!
We even met "Jericho Rosales"! He's very talented! Magaling siya sumayaw! Pinuri ko talaga siya!
And si Ate Belen! Mahilig mang hug! Sobrang jolly niyang tao!
At si Ate
Lorna! Mabait ren yun!
Sobrang unexpected behavior nila!

Oh by the way gusto ko lang ito isingit!
MIKE!!! Grabe! Ang bait mo! I mean ikaw lang sa boys yung nag open up sa kanila agad!
Lalo na nung sinayaw mo yung naka purple na matanda. ANG CUTE!
Holding hands pa kayo! Haha! Oh yeah! By the way, Mike is my classmate. He's also a friend of mine.
Sobrang bait niyan! I mean SUPER! He talks to anyone and doesn't choose whom to hang out with.
He gets along with almost everyone! He's super friendly and basta! Ma tr-trust niyo talaga siya!
The reason why I'm saying this is because pinupuri ko yung personality ni Mike.
Mabait, matalino, mapagtiwalaan, masaya at mahilig magpatawa.
At first, sobrang asar ako sakanya. I didn't know why either.
But once na nakilala ko siya ng mabuti, he ended up being one of the few people who I consider personality worthy. Kaka-iba siya AND in a really good way!
Just wanna share kasi it was heart warming seeing Mike being so friendly to those people. Nowadays kasi hindi na talaga napipigilan yung pag di-discriminate sa mga taong less fortunate than us. Diba?
That's why I consider myself blessed with this state of thinking and blessed to have a friend like Mike:)
Haha! Aw! Sweet!

Anyway, today is one of the most memorable days of my life. Not because it's my first time going to a place like Elsie Gaches but because ngayon ko lang na-feel na despite of all the things that happened to me and to the times na, I complained, I feel complete.
I'm satisfied.

And think about this first:
Ano pa kaya yung na fee-feel nila kung tayo nga nag co-complain about the smallest stuff?
Or how we complain about our families?

The sad thing for them is wala na silang pamilya.

That's why we're blessed:)
We're truly blessed.

-Part 2-

As GOODE as it gets!
Okay, I suddenly remembered Matthew Goode today and oh my gosh!
I just had to check all of his pictures! OWMEN!

Screw Chace Crawford (Haha! Okay. Kidding Bea!)
Matthew Goode is the SHIZ.
But he's kinda old.
Wait a minute...

Kasing tanda lang niya si Brandon Boyd
Cool! Haha!
English men are hot.
Don't you agree?


By the way, pictures of the trip today will follow soon.

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