Saturday, October 18, 2008

I need a break

Obviously, I haven't had the time these past few days to update this shit.
Well, I'm doing it now.
Tomorrow's the day I'm gonna have to take the DLSU-D Entrance Exam.
La Salle maybe not be my first choice but I hope I would do good tomorrow.
Just to feel safe, that's all.

Anyway, my mom told me to take the whole day off to rest before my test.
But I'm basically stressing my butt out doing our (I do have a partner) engagement game folder.
Kaka-inggit kasi nung sa iba eh. Kinareer (career) nila.
Haha! Well, I'm doing the same thing.
I went to 2 different National Bookstores today just to buy the right stuff.

By the way, I'm currently waiting for my cousin to come home from SM. I told her to buy me more glue and paper for my engagement game folder.

I even went to my dad's office today just to ask Auntie Audrey (she works at the office) to help me with the tickets and the invitation.
She had some really nice ideas. I'm so glad she was there to help me.

I did half of the engagement folder the whole afternoon.
I ended up doing only 5 pages (back-to-back at least)
I got the whole reception and honeymoon part done.
Just waiting for the invitation and marriage vows to be finished so then I could concentrate more on the expenses thing.

I'm just glad I got to finish the wedding entourage thing in time.
Thanks a bunch Jio!
Kahit hindi mo pa ren binibigay yung
family background mo sakin for 3 weeks na.

Men. This is boring.
I need some of the "Perez Hilton-ish" feeling to get this blog running.

I need a break.

Exam na ren sa Monday.

Exam ko na ren sa UST next Sunday.


I hate this.

-Part 2-

In response to Beverly's Birthday Post,"mushrooms + Daddy Yankee= HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANA!"(I didn't get it myself), for me...

Love you too Bevs. Don't you ever change.


Guess who this is:

That's Lizzy Caplan

Don't remember her?
Here's a pic that might look familiar.

Remember her now?

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