Sunday, October 26, 2008

Proud to be a TIGER

I just got back from UST. The test was kinda easy.
Parang La Salle pero mas mahirap. I found the Math part easy. I mean I was able to answer most of it and was pretty sure with my answers. Though sumabit ako ng konte sa Science. Ang rami kong nakalimutan! Sorry Mrs. Victa! Nahirapan ako sa Biology part. Haha!
English was alright. I didn't know some of the words asked in the vocabulary part of the English test.
Oh and the MAT was easy but it was under time pressure so I wasn't able to answer all of the questions. I guessed the remaining ones na lang.

Oh men! Sana pumasa ako!
I highly doubt papasa ako sa UP and La Salle really ain't my first choice.
UST na lang pag-asa ko! HELP ME!

-Part 2-
I watched a movie yesterday. Unfortunately, hindi siya isa sa mga movies dun sa list.
We watched Nights in Rodanthe. My mom wanted to watch it (I think it's because of Richard Gere) I couldn't say no because she seemed too happy to be turned down. Haha!

Anyway, the movie was alright. I didn't quite enjoy it. I'm not into those kind of movies.

Oh! Another addition to my movie list!

- Bride Wars

OMG! I SO wanna watch this! and I wanna watch it with Bevs!
BEVS!!! Let's watch it together okay? Screw Tropic Thunder! This is the shiznit!
I like Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson! OWMEN!!!
Hindi siya katulad ng Tropic Thunder. I mean comedy siya about 2 best friends na ikakasal na tapos nag agree sila na isa nalang wedding planner nila tapos bi-nook yung wedding nila at the same day so yun, they're try'na compete with each other. Basta! Gusto ko na siya mapanuod! Next to 17 Again and Soul Men, of course!

Can't wait!

-Part 3-
I went to ATC yesterday and these are the peeps I saw:
Marian Trinidad
Gulays (sila pipino, kalabasa at iba pa. Haha!)

Denise (from FBB)
Gaby Pulido (Another one from FBB)
Aion (Again)

Oh yeah! I watched the cheering competition in ATC yesterday.
All of them were High School students from different schools.
Kasama pa nga Southville eh. The dance was cool. Galing ng choreography. Though I was a little surprised with what Lanz said. Mga third year students pala yung nag represent sa Southville dun sa competition. Ine-expect ko yung mga fourth year pero in fairness, magaling sumayaw yung mga juniors. Though may mga hindi sabay-sabay (hey, it happens)
Anyway, not to compare and all pero para sakin, mas magaling pa yung sayaw ng Tigers kaysa sa sayaw ng Southville (kung may taga Southville na nagbabasa nito, not saying your dance was awful. I found it better than the others who performed yesterday). I'm not saying this because taga O.B. ako, pero mas maganda yung sayaw namin. Haha!
Okay. Enough. Baka may mag react.


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