Friday, October 24, 2008

Just when I thought it was over

Owmen! May test ako this sunday sa UST.
Just when I thought I was going to have a REAL brake from those notebooks.
Hate it.

The La Salle test was quite easy. I thought it would eat my brain completely.
But I'm glad there are some "brain pulp" left that I can use for my UST test.
Wish me luck people!
UST is my FIRST choice and boy, it would really help if you pray for me!
So please do!

The exam for the whole week...
Hhmm it was alright. Hindi ako masyado nakapag aral sa mga exams ko though.
Puro requirements ginawa ko eh.
Especially the engagement game folder.
I was busy getting the wedding, reception and bridal entourage done.
I was partly in delay because I helped Hen, Anjela and AC with their engagement game folder as well.
(I especially liked helping Hen with her bridal entourage. Haha!)
I don't know why pero na-addict ako mag search for wedding shit.
It's not that sobrang na-addict ako, wala lang. Magaling lang siguro ako maghanap.
Oh and you don't need to thank me :P

In a couple of days...
Makakalaya na ren! For less than a week nga lang.
Syempre, O.B. pa naman. Saksakan ng kabaduyan!
I better make the most out of it!

-Part 2-
I went to Perez's site! I was able to absorb all the "celebrity juice" I could get.
Raming gossips men! Oops! Masama pala yun!
Well. They're not pure evil gossips. Just typical celebrity gossip lang.
Haha! Anyway, SOBRANG late ko na pala.
I don't know if you've heard any of these but who would have known:

- Joe Jonas broke up with Taylor Swift via text message.
(Naging sila pala?!?!)
- Nelly Furtado is married
(Nung July pa. SNEAKY.)
- Seth Rogen isn't happy with his huge weight loss.
(WHY?!?! He looks better today than he was in Knocked Up!)
- T-Pain lost his virginity when he was 10!

(No comment.)
- Taylor Momsen is struggling a "severe, potentially life-threatening throat infection"
(Who knew a throat infection could ACTUALLY kill you?!?!)
- Aubrey O'Day is out of Danity Kane
(GOOD. Masama ugali nun!)
- Trace Cyrus , lead singer of Metro Station, is Miley Cyrus' half-brother
(Wow. Now that's something!)

Oh yeah! Miley connected:
Mind me but I LOVE her outfit!
Just an opinion!

Disregard the arrows. I just got that picture from Perez's site.
Oh...isn't it LOVE.

-Part 3-
Not your usual Bass.

I knew it was him the minute I watched this movie!
Behold, Ed Westwick!

Cool huh? Haha!


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