Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Betches much?

Yeah! I'm so glad hindi ko pa na fee-feel yung distance from my friends even though we've graduated na and it's summer already.

I've been having some quality Betch moments with the 4 best girls you could ever find.

Let me start with B-Betch.

-March 27, 2009/ Friday-

Bevs and I weren't allowed to go to Punta Fuego with the rest of the happy people because...
just cause! Haha!

Anyway, we didn't wanna be left out fun-less, so we arranged plans to hang out in ATC.
It was fun and sorta tiring. We didn't do anything except walk around while window shopping.
We were gonna watch a movie, but we thought the movies available were kinda boring.
So yeah...MORE walking.

By the way, we spotted the cutest bag in TopShop. Haha!
Beevs wanted to buy it but unfortunately, she didn't have any money then.
So for anyone who's planning to buy the red heart shaped purse, PLEASE don't!
My friend needs it badly. Haha! She sees tons of outfits with that bag!
So if you have a heart, don't buy it.

After the long walk, we stopped by Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf to stuff ourselves with more energy.
Here are some pictures:

Conversation of the day:
Upon reaching the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf counter...
Guy who works at Coffee Bean: "Miss you might wanna try our new low fat cheesecake"
Me: "Why? Am I that fat?" *jokingly*
Guy who works at Coffee Bean: "Uh..." *H.A.T.S.S./looks a bit embarassed* "No, not really." *sheepishly*
Me: "Well, too bad. I'm ordering your Chocolate Cake" *Jokingly*

And after that, I immediately had weight gain frenzies. HAHA!
I should've ordered the low fat cheesecake.

By the way, the last picture was taken at Dairy Queen.
Bevs wanted to eat something so yeah...

We had fun:) Right Beefs?
Aw! Quality time with B-Betch!

Oh yeah I saw a couple of people I knew in ATC like Miguel Vinarao, the incoming first year high school girls (I don't know their names), Andrea Avena, the guy who goes to our mass, tita Taneh and kuya Paul. YEAH!

-Mach 28, 2009/Saturday-

Went to the gym with P-Betch.
It was supposed to be me, Pat and Bevs but apparently, a bit of misunderstanding occured so it was just me and Pat.
Anyway, it was my first time in Sphere.
Heck, it was my first time in a gym!

At the front desk was this guy named Tiny (who I may add doesn't look tiny at ALL). He recorded our names, gave us the locks to our lockers and towels to wipe our perspiration while we work out.
Oh and we paid too, of course! :)

I sorta had those nervous butterfly feelings in my stomach before entering the work out place.
I was sure I was in a ride of intimidation once I see the avid gym goers working their brains out.

But FORTUNATELY, there weren't much people inside.
Most of them were the trainers but they didn't count 'cause they were just watching TV :

So yeah...
Pat and I started with the treadmill. We did 15 minutes and after that we consulted the trainer on what to do next. Then the whole session began. We did a couple of equipments, barbels and some ab work outs.
It was fun and ULTRA tiring.
I wasn't quite sure how people do these stuff without complaining how difficult it is.
I was obviously the newbie considering Pat has been going to the gym before and the trainer kept on assisting me 'cause...
Well...I looked helpless. HAHA!

We didn't have much time 'cause it was past 3 and I was to be picked up at Elfav at that time.

So Pat and I changed clothes and waited for her tita to pick us up.

While waiting...

*My legs look uber fat! But I'm gonna lose those babies soon!*

Then tita came.

As a treat, Pat and I rewarded ourselves with Halo-halo from Elfav.
Hahahaha! Galing gym eh noh?


- March 29,2009/Sunday -

I saw Pat in PCJ.
I was glad she attended our mass :)

- March 30, 2009/Monday -

It was PTC.
Okay, nothing special about this day but Bevs, Lauren and I were united again!
HAHAHAHA! Yeah...I missed Lauren.

Anyway, other than being united with them, I got good grades :)
I mean not "Patti" grades but nevertheless, they were good enough to make my parents happy.

Too bad I didn't see Hen and Pat. MEN!

Couple of pictures during that day:

I need to go to the gym...AGAIN.

-April 1,2009/ Wednesday-
It was my scheduled medical exam in La Salle.
I felt like vomiting because of intense nervousness before the actual day came.
And when I was there...
I kid, I kid. Haha!
That would've been embarassing!
Anyway, my first stop was the physical check up.
They gave me a form with different kinds of illnesses that I could have acquired through heredity. I suddenly became "health conscious" reading them while crossing out each with a hint of fear. Haha! Anyway, the FEMALE doctor started examining me. Checking this and that, I didn't realize it was done until she gave me my form back.
The next stop was the chest x-ray. I was told to remove my top and wear their hospital gown.
It took me 2 minutes just to change (I was a bit confused, okay?) and 5 seconds for the actual x-ray. I may want to add that the guy who took my x-ray looked somewhat like Mong Alcaraz. GREAT. Just the look-a-like I wanted to see...
Anyway, we went to the main hospital and had my CBC or blood test.
I swear I hate NEEDLES. I was nervous. I wanted to hesitate and run outside to my aunt.
But I was too late, the girl strapped my left arm with a thick rubber band and started looking for the "right" spot. SHIT. Hahahahaha!
And when she gave me the queue ("Wag gumalaw ah"), I covered my mouth with my handkerchief and closed my eyes tightly. Hahaha! I know, childish.
But I have a good reason for that! I was traumatized when I was young, I had my first dextrose and they started injecting me 3 needles one after the other. My worst childhood memory. HAHA! Anyway, they (my uncle, aunt, brothers, mother, father, Hen and neighbor) said it's like a bite of an ant, and they were right. It did feel like an ant bit me.
I felt proud parading out of the room 'cause for the first time, there weren't any tears streaming out of my eyes. Once I got out, I boasted my cotton bandage to my aunt with a huge "look-at-what-I've-got" look. Hahaha!
Yes, shallow, I know. But you would've been proud too!
Anyhoo, after that I went to get my PPD or skin test.
This is where I was scared the most. I've heard tons of experiences from the oh-so-dreaded skin test. Most of them said it was painful, only some said it didn't feel anything.
As the boy before me got out of the skin test room, he looked pale.
And that's when I freaked out but of course, I remained cool and calm.
I find the PPD much painful than the CBC. Ang hapdi! They injected this medicine (?) on the top layer of my skin and it stung so much. But it was alright, it was as short as the chest x-ray.
After 5 seconds, the lady covered the bump with cotton.
(Hen felt nothing during the PPD. MEN!)
Then finally the last exam, the drug test.
The guy gave me TONS of paper to sign until the real drug test began.
Hen and I met here while my fingerprints were being taken.
Anyway, since the line was taking long, Hen went to get her PPD and CBC test while I remained gulping a bottle of water to help me do my business.
It was quarter to 12 and I still couldn't pee so we ate lunch outside and came back at 1 to do the "thang".
So yeah...
(Don't want to elaborate full details of this experience.)

After the WHOLE exam, Hen and I (accompanied by her mom and my tita) went to check out our dorms.
The dorm room was...er small but enough to keep our stuff away from each other.
We agreed on having our room on the ground floor (stressful kaya kapag 4th!).
We signed a couple of papers, had our "interview" (not a serious one, it's more of a chat than an interview), asked a couple of stuff about our dorm and VOILA!
Can't wait!
After all of that's been settled, Lauren surprised us outside the dorm office.
She only stayed for a "Hi!","Hello!", hugs and beso's then went straight to her car na.
Hahahaha! I love Lauren!

Then yeah...went home feeling good about my day.

By the way, Hen and I don't have pictures during our medical exam.
I was too shy 'cause her mom was there! HAHA!
Sorry Hen!

-April 8,2009/Wednesday-
We had choir practice in PCJ for the Good Friday Mass.
After the practice, I went straight to Beverlys place so then we could eat lunch outside.
We ate in Rosemarys and settled in Starbucks to wait for my sundo.


Then we went home na. Haha!

-April 13, 2009/Monday-

We were gonna have a Betches day out 'cause Patti's gonna leave for States.
Had a bit of misunderstanding (Sorry Betches!) and ended up canceling the whole thing.
So yeah...
Went to ATC to pick up Lanz's glasses (by the way, I saw my anak, Marian, in Rustans) and went straight to Beverly's place :)

Since we had nothing to do, Beevs forced me to go to the hot tub with her.
So she lent me her swimsuit and yeah...
The water was supposed to be boiling hot but instead, it was freezing cold.
Hahahahaha! So Bevs and I SLOWLY got in the tub.
Actually, I was the one who got in first 'cause Bevs thought it was TOO cold. Hahahaha!
Well it was but I was able to bear it.

Okay, here are our malala pics. Please, don't make fun.
We both weren't ready! HAHA!

While in the tub we chatted, ate ice cream and watched tv.
Fun! Fun! Fun!


Can't wait to have more random outings with the Betches!
Love you girls!

Oh yeah forgot to mention, LANZ!!!
Ako yung magsusuot ng medal sayo ah! HAHA!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Goodbye doesn't mean forever"

Hello there air breathing creatures of this world!
It is I, Ana, the beholder of thy blog.
It's been such a long time.
I suffered from the usual case of laziness that's why I've been "out" of the blogging world for so long.
Anyhoo, I thought of making this post sorta serious but not too emotional.
For all of those who don't know what I'm talking about, it's our graduation tomorrow.
Yes. Our BIG day.

Wow. Bilis noh? The memory of my first day being a Senior is quite vague but nevertheless, I still remember most of it.

Have I been sleeping while everyone around me started growing up and facing time as it is?

Four months ago, the thought of "Graduation Day" scared the heck out of me...
Well, frankly because I haven't thoroughly swallowed the idea of me being a Senior.
It was all a shock.

And now...
A new chapter's taking place tomorrow.

Will everything change?
Hope not.
'Cause that's gonna suck, big time.

Just wanna share to you all that I've realized how we should all be on our guard always because time could hurt you.
Especially if you haven't taken advantage of it.
But hey, that's life.

We were born, we live and we die.
It's always been like that.

So while we're about to leave the institution we've grown accustomed to, I wanna take this opportunity to thank those people who've helped me in countless ways and to those who also struggled with me during the difficult times.

You guys know who you are!

Fine. Imma give a shout out to:

Tommy Lazo - Be good Tom! Proud of you!

AC Abrigo - Hi Love! She's my Over Time Buddy! I love you to death! I'm gonna miss you SO much! Awmen :(( Hindi na kita magiging ka-group sa anything! Well...good point for your part!
Anjela Celso - Anak ko yan! Please don't stop being so helpful:) You're a great friend! Ay at sana naman less na yung pag aasar mo sakin if ever magkikita tayo in college! Haha! Oh and I'm gonna miss your one-of-a-kind laugh! The best!
Myka Diama - My 1/2 niece. SUPER NICE! Finally, nagawa na ren natin yung "pose"! I'm gonna miss you, Myka! Original high school seatmate!
Angela Stailey - Secretary of the Season. Love you Gela! Gonna miss your hugs:(( Wala na akong kukulitin sa class:(

Zhaii "Pudding" Blanco - My forever Pudding (Don't ask!). Uy! I'm practicing the "Sliding down the wall while crying" thing! HAHA! Ang hirap! Let us always do the "pudding hug" and "pudding grawl" whenever we see each other! Haha! Yes, even in public
Andrea "The Ventriloquist" Franquez - I'm gonna miss you, Choir Mate! :(( You're a very nice person and please don't ever change :) Wala na akong kasama sa choir :( Gonna miss our "Sinangag Express" moments together!
Gaby Jimenez - Peace na tayo :) I'm gonna miss you anak!
Paola Pion - who's company ngayon ko lang na appreciate ng sobra :( Friends paren in the future, okay? I'm really gonna miss you! Oh and I still haven't swallowed the idea of you being 18 na! Hahaha!
Kayle Heceta - I admire your talent in writing. Keep it up! Don't stop being such a nice person :)
Noelle Bautista - Give me a piece of your brain cell! Haha! Gonna miss you Noelle!
Naps Encarnacion - Sumali ka nga ng "Singing Bee"! Hahaha! Be good my friend ;)
Sam Fernandez - Anak ko ren to! Aral lang anak ah! Visit us sa PCJ! Don't change :)

Lucas Jimenez - I'm sad never kita naging classmate but I'm glad we're friends. Please don't stop being such a good person.
Anica Padilla - Aniks! My korean lover friend! Don't stop being so bubbly and cute! I'm gonna miss you :)
Yumi Yanai - She's dope. Enough said.
Mara Solis - Sobrang cute ng mga pinaggagawa mo!
Christine Santos - We might not talk to each other a lot but you're a good person, Tin.

Amiel Justiniani - Lakas mo mang-asar! Haha! Peace! Gonna miss you big buddy!
Ambet "Ambi Pure" Bengil - My favorite penguin of all time!
Jem Lepasana - My other over time buddy. Keep it up, Jem!
Chris "Gal" Gallardo - Wag mo sabihin kahit sa college, kikilitiin mo pa ren ako! Haha! Nice guy :)
Lorenzo "Enzo" Atienza - Super nice guy! Oh and super smart, too! Ay at super tamad ren :)) Kidding!

Simon Pena - One of the funniest guy I know. Don't stop putting smiles on peoples faces!
Mek Tanaka - Nice and funny :) Gonna miss you too!
JB Santiaguel - "Copied from Santiaguel" Ahaha! The reason why I never wanted anyone to copy from me. I'm gonna miss you, JB.

Celina Reyes - Unnie! One of the funniest girls I know. Gonna miss our intermediate years together.
Dana Kison - Proved Brains and Beauty do exist. You're a good person, Dana :) Don't change!
Che Fuentespina - One of the prettiest, nicest, smartest and funniest girl I know. Love you Che! I'm gonna miss you really badly!
Marian Trinidad - Isa pa 'tong anak! I'm gonna miss you Marian! You're such a great friend!
Liz Kawi - O, ito pa! Anak ko ren 'to! Liz please don't stop being so nice! Go Roletta!
Louie Reformado - The daughter every parent would want to have. Don't stop making us proud! Love you Lou! Oh and the noodle cup hat...yeah, fits you right :)) Kidding!
Bea "Bea-kins" Lobaton - Bea-kins! My "Quotes in Quiz" partner! Hahahaha! I'm so glad we're much more closer than we were before. I love you Bea! And I'm sorry kung at times "bitchy" ako. Haha! Don't ever change, Betchy! I'm gonna miss you a lot!
Reba "Temps" Casapao - Oy Temple! I just wanna tell you na I admire you in SO many ways! You've taught me a lot, kahit may mga tinuro kang hindi ko naman kailangang malaman (You know what I mean!), I wanna thank you for that :) You're the best temps! Seatmate of the Season!

Luis Ayuyao - The softest mammal ever! Super bait and sweet:) Don't ever change Luis! I'm gonna miss your hugs :((
Philip "Flip" Pono - Aaww! Hindi na kita matutulugan sa bus! Haha! Sorry by the way sa mga times na yun! Don't stop being such a great friend, Philip:) I'm gonna miss you buddy!
Efren Maronilla - We might have taken a rough start but I'm glad okay na ren tayo. Sorry sa mga times na masama ako. A fresh start to the two of us :) Oh and...I forgive you too ;)
Ruf Salvador - Uy! Former Seatmate! Tapos na tayo sa SSDG/PSS columns natin! :)) Gonna miss you Ruf! You're a great guy :)
Vincent "Teng" Derama - I'm gonna miss you so much Teng! Sana talaga wag ka magbago. You're a really good person and I hope kung magkikita tayo in college, sana "old days" paren :) Thanks for helping out me the other night!
Rei Robles - The best class mayor ever! Don't stop being so strange 'cause that's what makes you unique. I'm gonna miss you a lot especially our laugh trip moments with the rest of the Side Girls. You're the greatest, Rei :) Oh and I might regret saying this but gonna miss your sweaty everything! HAHAHA! Kidding!
Mike "Mikey" Maralit - Mikey! Awmen! I'm gonna miss you so much buddy! I'm so glad naging mag classmates tayo for the last year. I think God gave us the opportunity to stay in the same classroom together because he wants to show me that good people do exist in this world and that I'm lucky enough to be friends with one :) You're one-of-a-kind! Thanks for everything, Mike! Please don't ever change!

And to the girls who helped me throughout the whole year:

Patti "Patchong Dee" David - Patooch! My "-chong Dee" friend :)) I'm gonna miss our "Chick Boy" moments together! I don't think it'll be the same doing it without you :(( Patti, my betchfriend, I wish you a very successful life in the near future. And same as Louie, don't stop making us proud. I've never seen anyone as determine as you are, so you better keep it up :) Oh and also I wanna thank you for proving to me that everyone can reach their goals especially if they set their hearts and minds into it. Love you Patti! Congratulations! Oh and don't worry, you can expect text messages from me in college! (and I RARELY text)

Loreli Silvestre este Lauren Silverio - Lauren! My "asaran" friend! Hahahaha! I'm gonna miss our "asaran" moments together! Hey...I just remembered something...MAGKIKITA PA PALA TAYO IN COLLEGE!!! Hahahaha! Then why the hell am I making you this note?!?! Okay. SKIP.
Kidding! You know that I love you! We may had a really rough start but I'm glad na all of that was put to aside. I regret EVERYTHING that I said about you before (well yeah...I said a lot of things. You provoked me!) 'cause it turns out that you were nothing near to any of it. You're truly a beautiful person, inside and out, and I hope you don't stop being the bubbly, fun and caring person we all know of a "Lauren Silverio". Lovies!

Henriette "Henny" Trillanes - Hen! My future dorm sister! Just wanna tell you na of all the people I admired, you were the one who I admired the most. The way you think, act and speak...sometimes they just blow me away. I won't kid when I say that I find myself at times amazed by how you think. Sometimes I'd even ask myself, "What would Hen do?", whenever I'm caught in the middle of a situation. You're my true inspiration. You basically made me the person who I am today. Well...of course not you alone, but you were more dominant than the others and I wanna thank you for that! You're one of a kind:) You're the best! Please don't ever change! I LOVE YOU!

Beverly "B" Kho - 8 years Bevs! Grabe ah! Hahaha! Just wanna let you know na in those 8 years, NEVER ako nagsawa sayo. Kahit konte. You wanna know why? 'Cause I always look forward in seeing you. And I always will. Having you as a friend is too good to be true. Sometimes I'd question myself how I ended up having a friend as precious as you when I don't deserve it. I love you Bevs! I also wanna thank you for the past 8 years of joy, tears, fights, trust and laughter. Let's make more memories together! To a never ending friendship! You're the greatest!

Masyado bang emotional? Hahahaha!
I bet the song on my blog didn't help the whole dramatic feeling huh? Hahaha!

Anyway, I also wanna extend my gratitude to all the teachers and personel of O.B. Montessori.
Basically, my family:)
Kahit minsan complain ako ng complain, deep inside I love this institution.
I'll never forget you, O.B. :)

You're truly a wonderful person and I highly doubt I'd ever meet anyone as beautiful and kind as you are:)
I'm so glad to be handled by a one-of-a-kind advicer in my last year at O.B.

Oh and I also wanna thank my tutor, Sir Agot who've helped me pass my Math and Geometry subjects for the past 2 years. More power to you!

So yeah...
Love you all!

By the way, this post was to be out yesterday but since I wasn't able to post it, just wanna mention a couple of things:

After the graduation, we went straight home. The first song I heard on the radio touched me and it gotten me all teary eyed. Just wanna share to you all the song that made me realize that it's not the end of us being together. The song is entitled "Goodbye, Girl". It's an old song (what else? It was set on my parents' radio station). The song basically reaches out to a lover but the chorus part helped me remember you guys.

Here it is:

"So remember goodbye doesn't mean forever. Let me tell you goodbye doesn't mean we'll never be together again. Though we may be so far apart you still will have my heart..."

And the rest goes on about the lover.
So yeah...
Saying goodbye doesn't literally mean "farewell forever".
There are unlimited possibilities we guys could see and hang out with each other.
It's not the end. It's just the beginning of a new journey as individuals.

So here's for the new beginning we are all to take.
Cheers and take care:)

Oh yeah forgot to mention, dapat andun ako sa mga kasal niyo ah! Hahaha!
Yes. Including you Ms. Jocson :)) YIHEE!!!


By the way, don't think of this as my last post! Hahahahaha!
Of course not! Probably my last post as a high school student.
Trust me, there are more posts to be expected from this blog in the future:)

Oh yeah...HI CRUMS!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bivouac = Pain

Hello there.
It's been a long time.
I've been busy lately.
Anyway since I have the time, Imma make a post.

We had our Bivouac yesterday.

2 words: IT SUCKS.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not a physically active person kaya hindi ko talaga na-enjoy yung bivouac. As for people like Mek, Gabby, Liz and other active peeps, I'm sure they had a hell of a time.

Anyway, the role up of activities given to us were:
1.) Rope Course
2.) Obstacle Course
3.) Lunch
4.) Slide for Life
5.) Rappelling

The Rope Course was...alright?
I was able to accomplish 3 parts of the course but the fourth had to be...UGH.
I can't lie here.
A lot of people saw it!


But not Face-First kind of fall. Mines was more of a Left-Hip-First fall.
It hurt really bad. I HONESTLY thought I was gonna die. Once I opened my eyes after the fall, I thought I broke my bones, but thankfully (at least) all I got from it was a wound (not a deep one) and scratches on my right elbow.

That would have sucked if I broke all my ribs.

After the Rope Course, we immediately went to the Obstacle Course.
AWWMEN. The first obstacle was hard. Hahaha!
YES. First palang ah! I couldn't carry Bevs and she couldn't carry me.
So we both looked stupid thinking of ways how to get ourselves across the wall without cheating.
Which was what we ended up doing since we were HOPELESS.
Mek helped us. Hahahaha!
Yeah. She helped us just by using her knee.
Thanks a lot Mek!
The next obstacle was the belly craw. Stupidity stung me at first 'cause I used my elbows. It hurt like hell. It made me groan until I reached the end.
Then there was the tires. I found that part very easy. Not for Bevs though.
Sumobsob siya eh. Hahahaha! SORRY BEVS! Natawa talaga ako!
Nagulat ako eh!
First tire palang nadapa ka na. Awwmen! Sorry!
The Monkey Bars was next and it was HARD. Because of the fall, my upper body became weak.
I couldn't last 3 seconds on a single bar. We all tried but noone prevailed.
Oh yeah. I wanna add that Angela Stailey was good. She was able to do the quarter of the monkey bars. Sayang hindi nga lang ren niya natapos though. Our monkey bars struggle was cut short 'cause Anjela Celso sprained her right ankle. Nahulog ren kasi siya. So she was brought to the hospital and we were told to go to the next obstacle. Then blah blah blah...


Haha! WORST LUNCH EVER! Yes. Even LUNCH was challenging. The way we eat was being counted! and the worst part of it was we had to finish everything! Naawa ako kay Reb.
Naiiyak siya na ewan kasi hindi niya maubos! AAWW!!! It's okay Reb! Kami ren kaya! Haha!
Oh and thanks a lot Celina for helping me finish my rice! Stomach Saver!

After lunch, we had "Slide for Life".
I found this part VERY VERY FUN!
ANG SAYA! The height didn't bother me at all.
I was laughing my way through the whole slide.
Though yung pag "hampas" part yung masakit sa ulo.
But it didn't matter, it was all good.
I wanna add that my favorite screams were from:
1.) Annica (SUPER CUTE NIYA!)
2.) Sam
3.) Lauren (Super nakakatawa!!!)
4.) Reba
5.) Bea
6.) Bevs

The last activity was Rappelling.
It was uhm...mahirap. I didn't get the instructions that's why I was panicking my way down.
A lot of people enjoyed it, though.
I hate rappelling na.

After that, we fixed ourselves and packed our things.
We finished at around 6: something. Not sure.
Basta late na.
On our way to the bus, it hit me again.
I had a hard time breathing. It was like everytime I inhale and exhale, my chest would hurt.
So I tried sleeping just so then it wouldn't bother me.
By the way I wanna thank my busmate, Philip.
Thank you so much Flip!
Oh and to the others that helped me last night sa bus.
I love you guys!

So yup. That was yesterday.
I forgot to mention, my parents kinda freaked out when I told them what happened.
Hahaha! They told me not to go to school.

Anyway, today was boring. I was told to relax because of the activities yesterday.
My body hurts like HELL.
I couldn't get out of bed or do anything that involves using my arms and legs without groaning (with a hint of anger) while doing it.

I hate this.

Oh by the way I wanna thank my very good Betchfriend, Lauren for calling this morning just to check up on me.
Exact words of my tita: "I like her. She's a very good friend, Aina. Buti pa siya, tinawagan ka."
AAAWWW!!! Thankies Lauren! I wasn't expecting anyone to check up on me. Not even my parents. HAHA!
That short phone call made my day:)
I super duper love you!

Alright. That's about it.
Anyway, Imma make another post tomorrow if I have the time and if I'm not too lazy.
Take Care kids!
Stay in school and keep it zunk.
Peace out.


Here's my booboo.

Imma take a pic of it without the bandage.

Oops! Forgot to mention:
Happy Birthday to my cousin, Jesmae!
She's like a sister!
Take care and have a great one!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hello 2009!

Hey peeps!
I know this is SO late but hey, nasa early part pa naman tayo ng January...
Happy New Year! Manigong Bagong Taon sa inyong tanan!
How was your New Year? Had fun? Were you with your family?

Or better: How is 2009 for you so far?
Since it's been 11 days of 2009 na.

Mines? Good.
Nothing different from 2008.

Anyway, I've been too caught up with events and well...the usual case of "laziness" that enabled me to update this poor thing for quite a while.

I'm such a bad blogger...

Just wanna update applepieisfuntomake... for the first time this year.
Ayoko namang palagpasin ng middle part of January. That's just going to be so sad.
So yeah...

Though I'm not gonna make a FULL story of the past events that happened in this post.
Let's just hope that laziness won't struck me again the next time I open this thing.



* Just wanna congratulate the people who passed La Salle, Taft.
Biggest shout-out to my former seatmate, Bea Lobaton.
Congratulations Bea-kins! So proud of you!
And a pat in the back for those who tried.
Hey! It's not the end of the world!

* I saw Rei in ATC today. Liking those Supras, Supraman! Goes well with your jacket. I mean...goes REALLY well with the jacket considering parehong-pareho yung shade ng colors with your shoes. NICE.

* I finally changed the song on my blog. It's entitled "Broken Strings" by James Morrison and Nelly Furtado. Oh! Yan na Mike! Haha! Alam kong nalilito ka dun sa lumang song ko!

* I miss Innah, Ruth, Hannah and Dom! I miss you guys! Oh and CHESKA!!!

* UPCAT results to be posted hhhmm...this week, I think. Goodluck nalang sating lahat!
Oh and not sure with USTET results ren. This week na ren ata.

Anyway, I have nothing more to mention here in my post so yeah...
Imma end it right...