Monday, September 29, 2008

The goodness in going out on a school day

Okay. Just got home from La Salle, Dasma.
I only attended class in the morning today.
As written in my last post, I wasn't able to pass my application form because:
(1) They're only half days during weekends
(2) I just found out that I was on the wrong building

Haha! Okay lang. At least my test permit na ako.
My test would be on October 19, Sunday, 8-12 in the morning in La Salle Dasma, of course.
Oh please pray for me!
La Salle might not be my first choice but it will make me feel secure if I pass.
So please...pray for me!

This has got to be the most worry-less week of the whole month!
I mean:
Monday - I'm half day and I only took 2 subjects
Tuesday - Field Trip to Los Banos
Wednesday - No classes due to the last day of Ramadan
Thursday - Yehey! My birthday! Dinner with family after school
Friday - Last day of the school week though we have CAT (damn.)
See? worry-free huh?

Oh wait. Forgot. We will have a drill sheet and a quiz in Physics on Thursday.
Okay. It may not be worry-free (a drill sheet and a quiz on the SAME day) but hey, the fact that I would get to see my cousins and be with my other relatives on Thursday night is worth calling this week "perfect"
It's mah betch's birthday on Wednesday!
I love you CONES!

Oh yeah! I also forgot! We have a game tomorrow!
Sh*t! Volleyball na! Kinakabahan ako na ewan!
Please sana manalo kami! Haha!
Wish me luck for this one!

-Part 2-

Just watched Eagle Eye yesterday in ATC
It was nice. The action was great and so were the actors and actresses.
Especially Shia Labeouf.
Bravo! Bravo!
Though I didn't get the movie.
Haha! Yes. I'm that stupid.
The movie was deep! It was about the US government, terrorism attacks and some army sh*t.
And just so you know, I'm not into those kind of stuff.
I barely read the newspaper. I only do the "Quotes in Quiz" segment in World (Bea and I's favorite thing to do).
My dad didn't get the movie as well but he did enjoy the action scenes.
Those were the best! Sumakit nga lang ulo kasi paiba iba ng angle yung camera.
But it was worth it.

Watch it! It's the BOMB!

People I saw in ATC:
Aion (not sure with the spelling)
Roy Bean (he stood out)

Sila lang.

Alright. Imma end it here.


Kuya JT: Sino si Janno?

Haha! Love it.

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