Friday, September 12, 2008


New tagboard!
Thankies so much Hen!
Now my dead-ugly-version-of-kanye-wests-blog skin is COMPLETE!
Call me whatever. It's my blog!

-Part 2-
Okay. Just got my report card.
Dun dun dun dun!

NO! Okay forget my Physics and French.
Seeing my general average feels like deja vu from second year.
How am I going to pass this report card to La Salle Dasma!?!?!
I hope they'll accept third year grades.
I would feel a lot confident with that one.
Oh please pray for me!

-Part 3-

Perez is SUPER updated!
He has a lot of stories...I mean gossip to share for just a day.
I could barely make that much posts for a whole week.
And now as I check out his site, no surprise,

Wow. Kaka inggit naman! Haha!
He must have a lot of sources.

Anyway, some of his posts interest me.
Like Kanye West's arrest, printing errors revealed in thousands of Batman Comics, Channing Tatum's beer belly, Tara Reid's engagement rumor and so much more.
Oh and the one about Miley Cyrus.
Hindi ko siya gusto, okay?
There was this post entitled "Quote of the day" which features a picture of Miley Cyrus and a statement made by Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue.
Here's what he said:
"There's a lot of sh*t out there where people are calling it 'rock'. I went into Barnes & Noble the other day, and there's a huge display that says 'rock & roll,' and it had a big thing of Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers. I went 'what the f*ck is this?'. People are believing that this shit that is not rock & roll, is not the rock lifestyle, is rock."
True. True.
Can't blame him.


To brighten up your day, here are some pics that really intrigued me:
(by the way, these pictures are from Perez so don't mind the white stuff that is written on the pics okay?)

MKO with bf, Benjamin Cho.
Zombie couple.
Oh and what's with the smile?!?!

Victoria Beckham
Something looks awkwardly wrong.

COKate Moss.

Lastly, my all time favorite (Beverly's favorite too):

Amy Winehouse is on the loose!
Tragic, indeed.

-Part 4-

Checked out more online shops just now.
and WOW...I gotta have 'em!

Apple Brown Betty Boots
White and Shining Armour Bag

Stop the Presses Clutch
Lovely Peacocks Bracelet
All by ModCloth

Psychedelic Seahorse Earrings by Plasticland

Retro Skull and Rainbow Collage Wallet (left)
Glitter Canvas Rainbow and Bird Wallet (right)
Both by Loungefly

Winged Gun Necklace by Kaymen B

Retro Carved Lucite Flower Ring (left)
Gypsy Rose Palm Reader Earrings (right)
Both by Rebecca Berry

XOXO Necklace
NY Heart Necklace
Flying Heart Necklace
All by Emma Brite

Alright. Those are just SOME of the things I liked (yeah...there were a lot).Haha! Must have one! Kahit isa lang. Satisfied na ako.

Okay. Maybe not fully satisfied.

Love 'em. Love 'em. Love 'em.


By the way, here's something for you Bevs!

Your all time favorite besides Amy Winehouse;

Like it?