Sunday, September 7, 2008

Big Stan

Watched Big Stan today.

I liked it! It's really funny. At first I thought it would be bastos kaya nag alala ako before kami nanood kasi feeling ko magagalit yung parents ko samin for buying tickets.
Hey it's Rob Schnieder! Ever seen the movie Deuce Bigalo?
Yeah. That's why I worried.
And hindi ko ren napansin yung R13 eh!
I especially freaked out nung pag pasok namin sa cinema, SOBRANG konte lang yung mga nanood (though around the middle half of the movie, dumami na yung mga tao) so I was like "Shoot."

But I was wrong. It wasn't really bastos.
My parent's actually enjoyed the movie (whew!)
It didn't have any super nasty parts.
Not Good Luck Chuck bastos (Grabe naman yun!).
Let say Click bastos. You have to admit, Click does have nasty scenes.
There is one scene though in the movie.
Malala siya actually pero after that, pure comedy na all the way.

Rob Schnieder's mom is CUTE! Hahahaha!
Weird huh? But she is! I don't know why but whenever I watch a movie that's either produced by Rob Schnieder, directed by Rob Shnieder or simply, starring Rob Schnieder,
I couldn't help but to look out for his mom's cameo! Hahahaha!
She's pinay!
Oh and Adam Sandler didn't have a cameo in the movie.
It wasn't a Happy Madison Production.
Aaww. I was looking forward seeing him.
Oh well.

Anyway, Watch Big Stan! It's really funny!
Next movie: Tropic Thunder (Hopefully with Beverly)

Oh and if you do watch Big Stan, keep an eye on Robbie the hippie (prison in-mate with long brown hair) he might start off as a dirty hippie who looks as if he hasn't taken a shower for months, but at the ending part he'll look handsome.
Not hot, but handsome.
Haha! Just a memo!

Might make more posts next weekend! See ya!

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