Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cute.Love.Perfect.The sh*t

This post is SUPER random.
Wag na kayo magtaka kung san na napadpad yung post ko, okay?

-Post stars here-
Went to La Salle Dasma today to pass my application form.
Unfortunately, I'm gonna have to come back on Monday because their only half days during weekends.
Yes. Half day ako sa Monday.
Wish me luck!

Anyway I found some really cute pics!
I wanna share them with you!
Aaww! Haha!

Aaawww! Cute!


I find this funny! Haha! Cute!

This is my favorite! Haha!

Alright. Non sense huh?
The minute I saw them, I thought of making a post about it.
So...TA DA!

-Part 2-
I'm currently into Jason Mraz.
His songs, videos, EVERYTHING is the sh*t!
Gosh! Nakaka in-love boses niya! Haha!
Love his songs!
Love 'em! Love 'em! Love 'em!

Especially Make It Mine!
Oh and The Beauty In Ugly!
Listen to it!
Go to Beverly's Blog!!!

Beverly: Ano nga pala yung tono?
Me: Nakalimutan ko na eh!
Beverly: Wait lang. *starts thinking hard*
Me: *recovers little parts of the song*
Beverly: Ay! Alam ko na! *does the tune of the first part*
Me: Tama Bevs!
Beverly: *continues until the tune became different*
Me: *confused*
Beverly: *soon realized the tune became the first part of the song: Eye Of The Tiger*
*short pause*
Both: *laughs until our stomach started hurting*

Good times, goooood times.

-Part 3-

Perfect! We needed a new controller.

Oh by the way...

Marcus Dress by Roxy is LOVE.

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