Friday, September 5, 2008

Are you having fun?

At first I thought today would be boring because:
(1) Bevs was absent (WHY?!?!)
(2) Hen, Patty and Lauren were usherettes for the "Science in the Kitchen"
(3) Teachers were out for the whole day so...we did NOTHING.

But it turned out I was wrong.

I had FUN.

It's weird. I wasn't able to hang out with my Betches because they were busy. (Don't get me wrong, they had breaks too- which we spent hanging out together)
But for the time they were busy ushering people, I had no one to hang out with.
I thought it would be OVER.
Haha! Okay. Exaggerated much.

But with a little help of magic and hope...
Oh screw it.

I love you 4B!

Haha! You made my day really fun!
I kept laughing non-stop!
From the first few subjects (Zhaii, Drea and Mike)
to the time we watched "Science in the Kitchen" (Rei and Mike)
and to the "Oh-so-dreadful" CAT (Simon and what is left of 4B)

CAT was surprisingly fun today though tiring.
Simon was SUPER fun! I mean funny!
With the help of Teng, Efren and Rei, I couldn't stop myself from laughing!
Feeling ko dahil sa "incident" last week, naging less strict si Simon.
Which is alright. I learned how to execute the moves properly na.

Simon: "Are you having fun?"
4B: *while squatting* "Sir, yes, sir!"
Simon: "Okay!"

Simon: "All of you squat except for Robles"
4B: *squats*
Simon: "Robles, punta ka dito. Dali!"
Rei: *Goes in front*
Simon: "Sabihin mong 'lower'!"
Rei: "LOWER!!!"

Nice one Rei.

-Part 2-

Realization 003:
I realized for these past few weeks...
I lost a lot of things.

I lost my P.E. notebook.
I lost my scientific calculator.
I lost my blazer.
I lost my white handkerchief.
I lost my beret...

Damn. I should be a lot careful with my things.
But I'm pretty sure I'll lose more by next week.
I have to keep a memo.

I just hope I won't lose it too.


Something for my betch, Hen

Ignacio: *singing* "When the fantasy has ended and all the children are gone
Something good inside me helps me to carry on,
I ate some bugs, I ate some grass,
I used my hands to wipe my tears,
To kiss your mouth, I break my vows,
No no no no no no way Jose!
Unless you want to then we break our vows together."
-Ignacio, Nacho Libre-

Sing it with me!

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