Sunday, December 21, 2008

Oh so little time


-December 18, Thursday-

It was our Christmas party.
More of, our LAST Christmas party in High School.
Yes, I felt a little down, but nevertheless, I made most out of it.

We had the Pagsasarili thingy in the morning. Little Pagsasarili kids went to OB for the annual Christmas party.
We had to wear our CAT uniform for the last time this year.
They were cute kids:) I especially liked the fat kid! He was ADORABLE!
Okay, I can't tell you guys a lot about our Thursday morning 'cause I was really bored.
Not that I didn't like the kids, I just wasn't in the mood that day.

Anyway, the real party started at 2 in the afternoon.
We were all dressed up in our party outfits.
Most of us, girls, wore dresses which we thought is a change from the usual slacks and skirt.
We started off with a game before we all could get our hands on the chicken.

By the way the chicken is from Rose Mary Chicken.
It's located in Phase 1 inside BF.

Okay, going back.
The first game was the Calamansi Relay thingy.
It was fun.
It was the girls (mostly the betches) versus the boys.
And we all know who'd win.
WE GIRLS DID. But the boys claimed that we cheated.
Phf...yeah right. HAHA!
Then we had lunch.

After stuffing ourselves with mostly chicken, we had another game.
The game was Newspaper Dance.
It was kinda fun.
I was INTENTIONALLY partnered with Efren (long story)
Beverly was partnered with Mike, Reba was with Rei, Lauren was with Teng and AC was with Amiel.
The first pair that was taken off was AC and Amiel.
Apparently, Amiel couldn't fit well in the newspaper.

Oh yeah! Bevs you might hate me but this just made me laugh!
Favorite quote:
*The newspaper was folded in 1/4, some of us were planning on how to fit ourselves without losing balance*
Efren: "Bubuhatin nalang kita!"
Me: "NO!!! Mabigat ako! I'm a fat kid!"
Efren: "Hindi! Sige na! Okay lang!"
*the music suddenly stops and everyone except for the Bevs-Mike pair were in place*
Mike: *looks at everyone and suddenly realizes that all the girls in the game were being carried/ lifted up*

HAHAHAHAHA! Okay! I'm really sorry Bevs! Sobrang natawa ako sa sinabi ni Mike!
Okay, SKIP.

The next game was Funny Bone.
It was Beverly's turn to be paired with Efren.
Hen was with Teng, Mike was with Anjela, Bea was with Rei and Ms.Zamora was with Mr.Mendez.
THEY WERE CUTE! Especially Beverly and Ef. HAHAHA!
Okay, I'll stop.

After funny bone we had the Egg Toss.
Ms.Zamora and Rei won.
Sayang Bevs! Lakas kasi ng throw ni Bea!

Then we had the traditional Exchange Gifts.
I didn't expect Efren to pick me.
I mean of all the people I thought who got me, si Ef lang pala.
Haha! Joking.
Not that it bothers me. Unexpected lang.

After that we had a small Awarding Ceremony.
Ms.Jocson handed out certificates of recognition to everybody.
I got the "Sweetest Girl" award which I think is sort of weird since I don't consider myself as sweet at all but nevertheless I was flattered.

All-in-all: I'm glad this last Christmas party we had turned out to be the greatest one I've had in all my years in O.B.

Thanks a lot guys! I love you 4B:)

-December 19, Friday-

I went to ATC with my aunt and uncle to buy the presents I felt obligated to give to my friends. It took me hours to finally settle for boxer shorts. Haha!
Yes, boxer shorts. BUT for my girlfriends that is.
As for Mike and Louie (She was the one I got in the exchange gift and I just thought my gift was a little bitin, so I decided to buy her one more), I ended up buying shirts for them.
It was sort of embarrassing. I went to a LOT of stores just to find Mike the right shirt.
I later on surrendured and stomped off to Pop Culture (for the 3rd time) to settle for the purple robot shirt I had my eyes on during my first try in Rompa.
Then sinabay ko na ren yung shirt ni Louie.
I bought her a BROWN robot shirt. Haha! Which i realized once I got in the car that the gift I gave Louie during the Christmas party was also a BROWN shirt.

DANG. Too late na ren.
Oh well.

Oh and I saw ate Eyzelyn in Pop Culture.
It was a little awkward but she made the awkwardness go away once she lifted a hand and greeted me a 'hi'.
As a polite person would do, I said 'hi' back.


-December 20, Saturday-

Went to Amalias to see of what I thought would be a complete 4B for the last time this year.
A lot didn't come, but it still fun. At least andun yung mga happy peeps.
Aw! AC wasn't there:((

I was a little early so I stopped by Tropical Hut to buy the sprayer I promised Mike I'd bring so then he'd give me the fungicide suspension which hindi na natuloy kasi natapon sa bag ni Che yung spray ng fungicide. AWMEN.

Anyway, after buying the spray I still had a LOT of time ahead of me so I went to Ruins with my uncle
We looked around for awhile and finally got a text from Bevs that says that I could go to her place just to kill the time.
So I went to Beverly's breathtaking place.
It was like a resort! I SUPER DUPER love the 4th floor(?). Her parent's have really good taste! Kudos to them!

Then we went to Amalias na.
I greeted Ms.Jocson with an "A for promptness!" quote since we really early.
It was my first time in Amalias. Bevs and I were the first ones to arrive.
Then Ruf and Paola followed.
And so did the others.

We had spaghetti with fish sticks(?), paella and for dessert we had frozen brazo.
The food was yummy. I especially liked the paella.
Si Ms.Jocson pa nga yung nag cook for us eh.
It was really special.
After that we took some pics outside Amalia's and bid Ms.Jocson goodbye and a merry Christmas.
Reb, Lauren, Hen, Anjela, Mike and Rei went to Platinum while Teng, Gaby, Drea, Zhaii, Ruf and Paola went to Drea's house.
Bea had to go to Alabang to visit her mom and Bevs and I decided to stay at her place for the Christmas party.

We took pictures, experimented on some and had the guts to make a CRIBS episode featuring Beverly's more-of-a-mansion-than-a-house house.
Specifically the 4th floor(?) which I think is the greatest floor I've seen compared to the other floors.
We had several attempts, most of which contains clips of Beverly laughing due to lack of confidence and concentration.
I did my share too since Bevs wouldn't last 3 minutes without laughing on cam.
I would say mines was a lot better than Bevs. I was pretty confident doing it.
But the last part had to be the greatest.
We kept on repeating that last scence and laughed endlessly.
It was funny.

The edited version of the compiled attempts will come soon.

By the way, I saw Min Seun and Sarina Legaspi at Bevs' place.

Had a great time at your place Bevs! Even though wala tayong ginawa! Haha!

-December 21, Sunday-

I woke up at 3:30 am for Simbang Gabi.
Bread of Life was due to perfrom at the dawn mass on December 21.
Since I lost my voice (Well, not completely. More of a hoarse voice but nevertheless a whisper is all I could do successfully) I was ordered to be in computer duty since I sound horrible in my condition and I don't think the people will appreciate Nickelback as the second voice. So basically, I was the one who's gonna show the lyrics to the song on the projector.
And as expected, I made a couple of mistakes.. again.


After that we went to Tagaytay.
Then the rest of the day was boring.
I mostly slept 'cause I was tired and I felt sick.

Dang you CHOCOLATES!!!!

-December 22, Monday-

Wasn't able to attend Simbang Gabi since my dad didn't allow me to because of the cold wind that might make my hoarse throat worst.

I did nothing except using the PC and reading Twilight.


Oh and my voice is a lot better than yesterday, though it's the same voice I had at Amalias.
Still no sign of complete recovery.

I sound like David Cook.


-Part 2-

I'm currently reading Twilight.
Finally, I've finished half of the book.
The book is nice kaso lang SOBRANG tagal ni Bella mag describe ng stuff.
Fully detailed siya mag describe, that's why I skip a lot of paragraphs.
They're sort of boring.
As far as I've read, I'm much more satisfied with the book rather than the movie.

Here are some of what I noticed about the book that was quite off in the movie:
* Edward is a lot more nicer in the book. Kasi for me, Edward in the movie is sort of suplado and masungit while Edward sa book, he's pretty talkative, he laughs a lot and friendly siya.
* Bella is more outgoing. Kasi sa movie, sobrang "twitchy" siya but in the book she acts pretty cool and normal. In the movie, she keeps a lot of things to herself.
For me, it was a little O.A.
* Bella didn't meet Jacob in her place, she met Jacob at the beach.
* Mike, Eric and Tyler likes Bella.
* SOBRANG dramatic nung attempt nilang gawing sa woods yung scene na malalaman na ni Bella na vampire pala si Edward. I hated that scence. SOBRANG O.A.
The real thing was they were in the car talking and it was casual.
No drama at all.

Basta! I like the book more than the movie.
Quite dissapointing.
Haay nako.
I hope New Moon will be a lot better.
Oh and I hope na palitan na nila si Jacob.
I NEVER EVER want to see his face again.


Pictures will come soon and so will the Cribs video too.

By the way, I'm gonna be out on December 26 to December 29.
I'll be going to Leyte to attend my cousins wedding.
I'll update this thing with probably pics of my short vacation.

Oh and MIKE!!!!
YUNG PLANT NATIN!!!! I think it's dying:((
But since wala akong choice, Imma have to take care of it.
Damn you Group 2! Haha!

Ilang days nalang! It's gonna be CHRISTMAS!
Bilis noh?

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