Monday, December 1, 2008

Must raid V. Hudgens' wardrobe!!!

Hey there!

Okay. Just wanna share something with you guys.
I looked at celebrity pictures today and I suddenly stumbled to a recent Vanessa Hudgens picture
I'm not a fan.
Actually, I don't even like her 'cause she acts like a slut (I'm pretty sure you guys are aware of the V. Hudgens naked scandal)
But I couldn't help admiring her face.
I think she's very very pretty.
Don't you think?

AND she has a wicked sense for style!
The picture I stumbled into left me staring at it for more than 10 minutes.
Because of her outfit.
I love it! Especially with the make-up and the accessories, I suddenly had the "girl-crush" thing again. (I know. AWKWARD)

Once I "stumbled" into more of her pictures.
I fell in love...


*Yo! I may have "girl-crushes" but it never left me falling in love with the girl! It simply means that there's something about that girl that is attractive to me. Okay?
Or in better terms, If I was a guy, I'd totally dig the girl.

Okay, going back.
I instantly fell in love with her choice of clothes!
Ang gaganda! Kaka-iba yung mga pieces pero SOBRANG dala niya.
I mean, if I was the one wearing her clothes, I'd look like a rug but on her...

I see a gold encoated rug with diamonds embedded on it.
Yes. I see a VERY special rug.

Check 'em out!

And the outfit that caught my eye
(the one I stumbled into)

Isn't it FAB?

And common?
But still...she made it work with the make-up and the aviators.


Oh yeah! Imma add that V. Hudgens is a BAG REPEATER.
Hahaha! Yes. She keeps on using her Black Leather Balenciaga Bag
(refer to the photo above)
Pero maganda siya ah! Haha!

Aren't her clothes NICE?!?!
You decide for yourself!

Oh yeah! Here's a picture of Vanessa Hudgens that inspired me to make my own photo
BUT I won't show you my pic...
Masagwa siya.
Malayo itsura ko and I didn't have the right gear.
That's why Imma need Beverly's help.

Aaww! Isn't she cute?


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