Monday, December 15, 2008

Saturday of Saturdays

Hello there! Been a while!
Just wanna update.

December 11- Food Fair

Haha. It was alright. I swear I ate A LOT that day! There were a lot of food to choose from BUT only a few made my taste buds happy. I LOVED the arozcaldo! Kudos sa "Meals on Wheels" for that! It was TASTY! Haha!
So, we sold shakes and NOT ice cream. Hahaha!
Yes, apparently our tarpaulin said "ICE CREAM AND SHAKES" which was kind of weird since we weren't selling ice cream at all. It was sort of embarrassing 'cause some ordered ice cream and all we could say was "uhm, shakes lang po binebenta namin" or "we don't sell ice cream" and afterwards they'll give us the "bakit-pa-may-ice cream-sa-tarpaulin-niyo-kung-hindi-kayo-magbebenta-nun" look.
It was a cringe moment.

Anyway, we earned about 13000+.
Okay na ren noh? BUT we lost to the 1st year students "Sago't Gulaman" booth.
MEN. Hahaha! Well, at least 2nd place?

Oh and good thing walang nag over-heat na blender! WHEW!
Good job 4B!

Wow. Last Food Fair ko na pala yun.
Oh well.

-Event 2-

December 13 - ATC

Went to ATC last Saturday.
Gosh! Kahit wala kaming ginawa, SOBRANG fun paren!

First was Beverly's visit to my house.

To Bevs: Told you wala tayong gagawin!

Gave her a tour of my house, took pictures and ate lunch.

Here are some pictures:

Then we went to ATC and met up with Luis in the cinemas.
Hen and Mike told us they would come late so we decided to stop by Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf


Mike arrived after a few minutes in his "outside" mood.
Damn you!

THEN Bevs and I went to the cinemas 'cause Twilight was gonna start soon and gave Hen's movie ticket to Luis and Mike (they already watched) in case they bump into her.
Unfortunately, the movie started when we came in.
Hen came 10-15 minutes later.

Favorite quote:
Bevs was texting her mom and Mike during the movie.
Bevs: "Whoaw. Guys! Tingnan niyo text sakin ni Mike oh!"
Text Message: "Sige lang, anak!"
Me and Hen: *Laughs at the random message*
Bevs: "What the hell?!? Ang random!"
*checks her sent messages*
Bevs: "Oh! Kaya naman pala"
*shows us a sent message*
Sent Message: "To Mike: Okay, ma. Thanks!"
Me and Hen: *Laughs out completely*
Bevs: *Replies to Mike's text*
"Sorry! Kala ko mom ko!"
Mike's Reply: "Sorry! Kala ko anak ko!"

HAHAHAHA! That was some random but funny shit!

Oh! By the way, Twilight was alright. I expected a lot but nevertheless it was worth seeing.
Oh well. I'm just gonna have to read the book to feel the "thrill"

Oh and yes. Jacob's face was DEAD annoying!
GRABE!!! Nung nakita ko siya, nagsisi ako agad.
Well, whatev! I'm just glad they'll replace him in New Moon.
(Well. Sana totoo!)

Anyway, SKIP.
After the movie, we ate at Food Court. We saw Ilana and Andre together.
Then went to Timezone, saw Ilana and Andre AGAIN.


Oh yeah! We took pictures using Neo-Print(?)

Ay! Oo nga! Random deed:
While some koreans were playing basketball, Bevs joined in.
I mean, habang naglalaro sila, bigla nalang sumolpot si Bevs at naki-shoot ng bola. KAPAL NO? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Buti nalang masyadong concentrated yung korean kid at hinayaan na.
Love that Bevs!

Since my dad was calling me for the -th time, I told Bevs to text her mom so then she could pick us up and drive me home (Bevs was my ride the whole day)
So we left and stopped by Festival Mall 'cause her mom was shopping for furniture.
We waited for a while, talked, ate dinner and left.

By the way, your (Beevee's) mom's COOL.
And I mean it!
Thankies again!

Okay, so here's the weird part:
You guys know that I'm not into going out, partying and the like outside with friends right?
Well, that's partially because my parent's (specifically, my dad) don't allow me to.
Since I went home at around 9 that Saturday, I was fully prepared to be scolded by my dad once Beverly drops me off.
I was gonna say a couple of excuses when he interrupted and asked me about my day.
I said it was fun and I had a great time (I was little confused of the delayed scolding)
It turned out, he was TOTALLY fine with it.
He didn't even bother asking my why we took long.
Basta! Sobrang unexpected.
I know it's a little shallow, but if you were in my place or you were a close friend of mine, you'd understand.

More pics:

Too bad Lauren and Pat weren't there:(
Next time Betches!


Happy Birthday to Cristina Catarungan!
Acutally bukas pa eh. Haha!
Well, advance!

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