Saturday, December 6, 2008

So called "fireworks"

Just wanna greet a couple of people:

Happy Birthday to my Lola Liliah:)
She's now 80 but looks far from it
I love you!

Happy Birthday to Adrian Hernandez
hhmm yeah...
Hahaha! We miss you?
Kidding! Of course we do!

Belated Happy Birthday to Cheskee "Alincastre" Mandigma
She celebrated her birthday on the 3rd of this month

Belated Happy Birthday to Ms.Almoite!
She celebrated her birthday also on the 3rd.
_ _ is just a number! Haha!

Good luck to Hen, Zhaii and Ruf for their UST exam tomorrow!
And for some of you who are also going to take the December 7 UST exam, good luck ren!

And lastly, condolence to Luis' family for the loss of Father Pat, Luis' uncle.
He past away Thursday morning.
My dearest thoughts to the family for this really huge loss.

-Part 2-

I heard "fireworks" last night
I thought my neighbors were too excited for Christmas and New Year
It was loud. It was, as if, the people that were playing with the fireworks were just outside our house
but it turned out to be a "shoot out" near our place
Apparently, there were car nappers / robbers being chased when the police finally killed them with guns
And the sad thing is, may mga civilian na nadamay.
Mag-ama pa.


What's going on with the world na?
No. What's going on with the PEOPLE?!?!
They're completely out of their minds.
They'd steal just to get food in their tummy?
Sure they're hungry but they just can't be that desperate.
Iba na kasi eh. What they thought could get better 'cause of the money they took ended up to be what they lost.
Their LIVES.

Why would anyone risk THAT?

Would you?
Kahit alam mong mali yun?

It saddens me.


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