Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cheers for Burnz!

Hello there fellow offsprings of the Creator!
I don't have anything important to blog today but SOMEONE forced me to make a post about him.

Well. since I'm feeling nice today, Imma do the request.

Rei is the one responsible for this non-sense post so if you dislike, here's the link to his friendster. HAHAHA!
No, as I said, I'm feeling nice today.
He specifically instructed me to describe him as the "most handsome" guy in School(?). Which is SO not true! decide

Ano? Gwapo ba?

Let me tell you something about Rei Bernard Robles:

*He's a really nice guy though kala ko talaga nung una (back when we were grade 6) SOBRANG sungit siya! He looked like a snob to me! And never ko talaga na-gets kung bakit siya yung sinasabing "heart-throb" ng pm section. I never found him cute. AAWW! Sorry Rei!
Don't worry! More good things about about you will come!

* He's smart! Kahit minsan pala-kopya siya (SOBRANG lakas nito kumopya), magaling siya mag-isip. He's street smart! Rami niyang alam tungkol sa mga iba't-ibang bagay. I admire his way of thinking.

* SUPER DUPER funny si Rei! Kahit sobrang walang sense yung mga pinagsasabi niya, he still makes us laugh. And the amazing thing is, effortless siya magpatawa.

* He's a great leader! He's Captain Ball of the Basketball Varsity and Class Mayor namin siya. I honestly think he's doing a great job. Ay wait lang...pasaway ren kasi eh. Okay, I take that back! Hahaha! Kidding! Napapasunod niya kami sa rules (okay...NOW I'm kidding!)

* He's a cool guy! Hindi ko ma-explain why I consider him as one of the coolest people I know. Basta! Let's just say he's into the newest trends, hindi siya baduy and for a guy, maganda sense niya for style.

* He's a great friend:) Need I say more?

So what do you think of his personality?

Oh here's my favorite quote I ever said to Rei:
Rei: *Telling us (Bevs, Reba, Louie, Hen, Bea, Mike, Lauren and Me) his first experience on skates*
Us: *Listens to him*
Rei: *Suddenly says something funny*
Us: *Laughs*
Rei: *Laughs while repeating the joke twice*
Me: *Notices Rei's sweat glands on full blast*
"Uhm...Rei, napagod ka ata mag kwento!" *points at his sweaty nose and other sweaty areas*
Hen: *Bursts out laughing*
Rei: *Laughs along while wiping the sweat*

Yes. Rei is one sweaty little bastard. HAHAHA!
Here's proof:

See? Even the pic got wet.

Here are some pics of Rei:

And his favorite:

He actually thinks he looks good here.
HAHAHA! Kidding! You do Rei!
Someone even asked him where he bought his shirt.

Oh! Yan! Pinuri na kita!

I better get a tag from you!

By the way, it's almost Rei's birthday! Make sure you guys greet him on the 10th!


I was browsing Rei's pictures in his multiply when I stumbled into this one:

This was taken during our retreat.
I actually forgot we even had this picture.
I just thought this was cute since everybody in the pic looks super duper happy!Hahaha! Including me!

Cute ni Mrs. Mags!


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