Sunday, November 30, 2008

The worst

I promised to make a continuation of the post yesterday, remember?
Well, Imma keep that promise.
Let me start off with my morning yesterday.

I woke up at 4am and left the house at quarter to 5, I think.
We were gonna meet up with my tita in Shell.
Upon arriving the gasoline station, there was a car accident in the scene.
I saw a black Adventure tilted sideways.
There were broken glass scattered on the floor.
What looked like to me was a family on a road trip.
Good thing no one got hurt.
And the whole accident happened 5 minutes before we arrived at Shell.

Lucky indeed.

Anyway, the trip to Pangasinan took us 4-5 hours.
Oh yeah, the reason why we went to Manaoag is because my mom wanted to attend mass.
It was my first time there and I wasn't impressed at all.
There were A LOT of people and the place was...dirty.
Basta! Malala yung place.
And then after the trip to Manaoag, we went to Clark
We specifically went to Duty Free
And let me tell you the place was a lot worst than the church in Manaoag.
Ang GULO!!! Yung mga stuff kung san-san lang nakalagay!
And the people...GOSH...
Ang RAMI nila!

All-in-all: THE WORST

Para lang siyang Subic except 5 times dirtier lang yung sa Clark.
The minute I saw the place, nagsisi talaga akong sumama ako.
It's like divisoria except magaganda and imported yung mga binebenta.
But still, considering the place...

After that dreadful grocery in Duty Free, we went home na.
Another 5 hours in the car listening to the same old songs in my iPod.

Actually, ngayon ko lang na-realize na...
Nakaka pangsisi sumama ako. Damn it!
Never na akong pupunta dun!
I'm warning you all! Don't make the same mistake as I did!

Oh yeah and the sad news about our neighbor ruined the rest of my night too.
My dearest prayers for the Chavez family during this really, really hard time.
Such a big loss. He was a nice guy.

-Part 2-

Wanna share my day so far.

I was the one assigned for the computer thingy in our mass today.
My job was too make sure all the songs our choir sang were feautured in the big screen so then the rest of the people could sing along.
I was doing great the first half of the mass, no mistakes at all but then when i got to the second half, wasn't pretty.
I made some VISIBLE mistakes but it wasn't that big so I calmed down after a minute or two.
(hey, I was nervous!)
But the mass announcements had to be the WORST.
I had NO idea what I was doing!
I ended showing the wrong announcements which made A LOT of people stare at me.
Some even had the "what-in-the-world-is-she-doing" face.
OWMEN. It was embarassing.
Even the priest looked at me:((
Oh well...

It's Drea's turn next Sunday!

Oh yeah, I watched Bolt today!
Aaww! It was cute! I especially like Rhino!
Owmen! I swear...SOBRANG CUTE NI RHINO!!!!!!
The cutest being EVER!
Watch it! Maganda siya:)

Here's an added Cutie to my SHIZ List:


Here's a little something about Rhino:
He's a TV-obsessed hamster and a huge Bolt-enthusiast

Isn't his personality dreamy?!?!

He runs as #3 in my list after Matthew Goode (#1) and Chace Crawford (#2)



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