Friday, November 14, 2008

Shiz Galore

Hey there kids!
I haven't updated this thing for a long time except filling it up with basic french words.
I'mma delete those posts.

Anyway, just wanna update my movie list. Here are some of the added movies:

Seven (7) Pounds

Bedtime Stories


The Haunting Of Molly Hartley

Why? Because:
* The title sounds intriguing
* The plot's cool
* I like these kind of movies
* CHACE CRAWFORD is in the movie!

I guess that reason is enough for Bea and I watch it together!
He's OUR shiz! (c'mon, he's my original shiz too Bei!)

Oh! Another thing connected to Shiz Crawford!
Well, this goes to Bea lang pala.
I'mma show you something!

A scene from The Covenant

Guess who kung sino yung nasa right?

It's OUR shiz Bea! I told you!
I liked him even before he was Nate Archibald.
I first liked him as Tyler Simms (yes, that's him in the picture).
Not as hot as Nate Archibald or Joseph Young but hey, Tyler Simms is still cute!
Don't you think so?

Yeah, you're right Nate Archibald is hotter.
Oh well!

-Part 2-

Accessories!!! Check 'em out:

Jade Jagger pink kiss necklace

Isharya gold plated mirror ring

Isharya daisy filigree cuff

Chloe jackson enamel necklace

Chloe poppy cuff

Alex Monroe original sin heart locket

Alexis Bittar gold vermeil cuff

Burberry Prorsum cable knit beanie hat

William Sharp swarovski trimmed hat

Okay. Those are the only ones I find cute! Haha!

Love 'em!

-Part 3-

Oh I wanna watch Gossip Girl Season 2 na!
But I have to finish Season 1 first.
Yes, hindi ko pa siya tapos. I can't find the time to watch it kasi I'm always busy.
Oh well. Can't wait for you Season 2!

Oh just a spoiler:

I hate you Jennifer Talula Humphrey!

Okay. Yun lang.


Oh yeah! I wanna copy a picture!
Check it out!

Inspiring huh?
Haha! I want one!

That's newly elected President Barack Obama, by the way.

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