Saturday, November 22, 2008

We miss you!

I know I'm late pero ngayong umaga ko lang nakita yung music video ng Hot N' Cold ni Katy Perry.
I have one word for it:


I LOVE IT!!!! I don't know why?!?! Gosh! SOBRANG GANDA NIYA!!! Lalo na dun sa last part!
Love her outfit too! Owmen...
It might sound icky (but truthfully, it's not) to you but I'm having this girl-crush on her!
Okay. Kadiri ba? It's not that I'm turning lesbian or anything! It's like if I was a guy, I'd probably dig Katy Perry. Gets? Whatev.

In case you haven't see the Genius work of Katy Perry, here ya go!
And if you have seen it, well, there's no harm in watching it again right?

Don't you just love it?!?!

Speaking of music videos, I think the MV of I Don't Care by the Fall Out Boy is good.
Para saking lang ah! Don't get me wrong, yung video lang tinutukoy ko. As for the song...hhhmmm it's alright.
Not the best but it'll do. I'm sure to regret saying this but cute si Pete Wentz sa video.
I mean not cute as-in appearance but yung mga ginagawa niya sa video. I find it cute and funny. Basta ma-ge-gets niyo ako if you watch it.

I know PETE WENTZ...
We are all entitled to have our own opinions. Right?
Check it out yourself and decide!

Oh and check out 3:36. Look at Patricks tummy. Ang cute!
Haha! Reminds me of my brothers tummy.

Oh and I like the music video of I Hate This Part Right Here too. As usual, the Pussycat Dolls looked pretty!
Especially Melody and Ashley:) They're gorgeous! Again with the "...own-opinion" thing.
I'm pretty sure napanuod niyo na yung video sa MTV, that is if you're into that channel.
If you're not then look it up yourself:P

Oh yeah! I almost forgot! I also like the music video of Love Lockdown. I know what you're thinking..."Of course she would like that video because it's by Kanye West!"
I like the video ALONE. It's unique! I find it really cool!
AND not everything connected to Kanye West is an "automatic like" to me. I find some of his songs weird too. Like the original Love Lockdown version. It was HORRIBLE!
I hated it. I'm so glad he made a new one! Haha!

Anyway, watch the video in MTV along with Britney's Womanizer video too.
Surprisingly, ang "hot" na ni Britney dun sa song. Bumabalik na siya sa lumang itsura niya.
Not the bald one! She was crazy then.
Oh and ang gay nung guy dun sa music video! Don't you think?
Basta! Just watch it! Haha!

-Part 2-

Here's a little wrap-up of my day so far:
* Went to Makati to meet up with Tita Tani (Tan-eh) in Townes, Inc. to pick out the cloth we're going to use for the old sofa cushion we had for like, I don't know, 16 years?!?!
* Went to Glorietta and shopped.
* Still haven't given my report card to my parents (nag iisip pa ako ng magandang approach!)
* Draining my eyes from using the laptop
* Missing Tatay :(

I haven't seen him all day!
Darn you Pangasinan! Why do you have to be so far away!?!?

Anyway, I was supposed to attend Teng's birthday party today but hindi ako natuloy kasi tinamad ako and mas gusto kong lumabas with my mom:)
AAAWW!!! Haha! I'm not into attending parties.
I'm weird like that!

Just wanna greet my fellow Cebuano friend Vincent Derama a Happy 16th Birthday!
Have a great one alright?

Oh and a Belated Happy Birthday to Tita Bang, Bea's mommy, who I think is one of the FEW people I consider "perfect" (along with Mike).
By the way, she's 50 year's old na:)

To Tita Bang:

If you would be able to read this, which I'm pretty sure you could since anything is possible up there, I just wanna say thanks for bringing Bea in this world. You have no idea how good she is to us! Though at times (I'm gonna be honest here) she tends to be unbearable but hey, it's alright. I believe we all are. You don't have to worry about her 'cause she'll be fine with us:) We'll take good care of her! Promise! Kahit nasa college na kami, I'll make sure to give her a call or a text every other day (I'm going to be busy by then too) just to make sure she's alright! No worries Tita! Bea's strong naren! It's been 3 years and Bea's doing well:) That's probably because of Tito Karl too! He did a really good job! No, I mean a GREAT job! But I'm pretty sure you know that na since you've stood by them all these years.
Tita Bang, you've been blessed to have Tito Karl, Ate Karmela, Bea and Luis as your family and in no second thoughts, they sure are blessed to have you as their wife and mom. Bea told me countless stories about you then in one random morning, all of those stories came rushing back to me and you instantly became my inspiration. I wanna be like you:)
I was sure when you were still present in our eyes, you had no idea who I was. I was basically your daughters friend who kept on praying for your fast recovery. I was depressed the minute I found out you left. It was sad. But I guess things just happen at the most unexpected time. Right?
Anyway, Belated Happy Birthday Tita! Sorry kung "belated". I had no idea it was your birthday on the 19th. I'll keep that in mind next time:) Hope you're doing great up there! If you would, please check on my lolo's if they're alright. Thanks:)
Oh and don't forget to read Bea's multiply post about your birthday:) I swear it made me cry!

Take care always Tita!
We miss you!

Alright. About the blog post Bea posted in her Multiply, really made me cry.
Ang sad talaga! But we shouldn't be! This was God's plan and all of his plans consist nothing but the results of good. He doesn't want to hurt us or make us sad. He basically does these things to make us stronger and soon, we'll all end up happy:)

Kudos to that!


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