Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy 16th Birthday Cheesebuns!

Happy 16th Birthday


Alright. Imma tell you how we met:)
I've known a Henriette Trillanes ever since I was in casa (couldn't point out exactly what year that was).
She's the longest classmate/friend I've been with ever since I studied in O.B. (about 8-10 years)
She was this curly haired, dark skinned, skinny girl who likes staring at kids who play Chinese garter (I'm pretty sure we all have been through that Chinese garter craze).

Though I only knew her for 5 things:
* She was the sister of my kuya's classmate, kuya Rhys
* She was the only one who (I recalled) wore glasses
* She was the girl who I thought had the strangest name EVER. (sorry Hen, but it was true)
* She was Anamae's best friend
* She's was the ONLY girl with the WHOLE NAME I couldn't spell until I was in the 5th grade

Take Note: nalilito pa ako sa pag spell ng name niya kahit pa nun.

It was really unexpected when Hen gave us a card stating that she wants us (me and Bevs) to be her best friends. I didn't quite get her at first. I mean, she looked happy with Anamae and Bevs and I were COMPLETE losers (BIG emphasis on losers, please), we never thought anyone would want to be our friend.
But she did.
She wanted to be our friend.
Dun ko na realize na someone could be as nice as Hen was (and she still is!)
She's PERFECT in every way imaginable.
She could make you laugh, smile or cry, even, BUT with tears of joy that is.
She's the best and I love her!

What I like most about Hen:
* She could make me laugh non-stop for a day
* I could tell her secrets of different kinds and she'll be happy to give me her opinion about it
* I could ALWAYS ask her for advice
* She would make me feel better whenever I'm down
* She understands me thoroughly
* She'll never stop caring

We may had some fights along the way but it never, EVER, occurred to us to stop being friends because it's what keeps us going. Gets?
Parang wala nang sense yung word "happiness" kung hindi mo siya kasama.
AWW!! Haha!

* Through the past years in high school, we were most likely to be called twins or just sisters because of our looks.
* Bevs always mix up our dads because of THEIR looks (which I think is kinda true)
* It was because of me she's now a korean-holic
* She likes making up nicknames for the two of us, like:
Twinkee and Twinkle
Ana bonanza and Henny bonneli
Na and En
AnaSky and HenSky
and A LOT more...
* She hates flies (especially the bangaw)
* We have brothers that looks exactly like us
* It was because of her I first experienced the "silent laugh"
* She makes up the funniest terms, like:
HATTS (Hiya-ako-tingin-sa-side)
Nays (nice)
Tsenks (thanks)
Exploding (it's ours to know and you to NEVER find out)
and a lot more...
* We wore the SAME shirt to class when we were on the 3rd grade (it was a Hello Kitty shirt)
* We like taking pictures of ourselves using somebody else's camera

Basta! There are more unsaid facts about her and I'm pretty sure that's gonna take me the whole day!
All you guys have to know is that...

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Happy Birthday H Betch!

And because I love you, too!

Have a great one, okay?


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