Friday, August 22, 2008

The "Clothes Thingy" for August

Hey there kids! Been a long time since I made my last post.
I don't know why I even bother opening this thing when I wouldn't even update it.
Oh well, I will now.
Haha! So prepare yourself.
(Okay... FEELER! Haha!)

Have you visited Beverly's blog?
Seen her post? About the clothes thingy?
Well, since I'm inspired by that post
I thought of making one JUST LIKE IT.
Haha! Kidding! I made a post like that before and thought of making one every month
But then I got lazy and so...

Anyway, this time it'll be different.
I won't put any "disasters" here but instead I'll put the one's I think are really nice, okay?

But please, it's my taste for clothes, not yours.
If you see something you strongly dislike, kindly leave your opinions to yourselves.
As I told you, it's MY taste for clothes - not yours.

From my all time favorite store: dELiAs

Dot/Stripe Reversible Hoodie
-Comes in pink and yellow

Hoodie Blazer
-Aaawww! I love it! Haha!

Break Dance Tee
-I like the colors!

Cleo Toggle Coat
-It looks unique.

I Peace NY Top
-I always wanted an original "I Heart NY" shirt but then I thought this looked way cooler.

Rina Plaid Tank
-Simple but I like it. Reminds me of the dress Patti wore at Reba's party.

Now here's Wet Seal

Peep Toe Sling Back Heels
-Comes in pink, yellow and nude color

Racer Ruffle Tank Top
-Love them both!

Plaid Stretch Belt
-Comes in red, yellow and black

Next: Aeropostale

Reversible Chickadee Zip-Front Hoodie
-I like it!

Plaid V-Neck Shirts
-I'm into these things okay!

Argyle Cardigan
-Simple yet trendy

Here's Go Jane

Striped Pocket Dress
-I find this dress nice

I'm Not A Plastic Bag
-Looks familiar? Haha!
-Not that I like it or anything, I was just surprised seeing this on the Go Jane site.

Alright! That's about it for this month of August.
I'll check out more online shops next time 'cause I'm feeling lazy na.
Haha! Anyway, yan na muna for the mean time.
See you around kids! Buhbye!

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