Saturday, August 23, 2008

Another "What a Saturday"

Hell-O! I'm back!

I'mma tell you what has happened to my day so far.

I went to UST this morning to pass my application form.
I thought it would take hours just to get my test permit but it only took me less than 10 minutes.
Not kidding. I never thought it would be that easy.
I went to the building (not alone, of course)
Passed the requirements (application form, clear copy of birth certificate and a recent 2x2 picture of myself)
Typed the needed details about myself on the computer
Paid P500 to the cashier
Waited for my last name to be called
Got the test permit

Haha! Easy huh?
Though, around the last step, it was kind of irritating and embarrassing because the people in-charge of the test permits kept laughing when they called my name.

Here's what happened:

Guy-in-charge: *calls the people by their last names*
Students: *approaches when called and gets their permits*
Guy-in-charge: "Uhm...uuhh..." *whispers something to girl-in-charge*
Guy and Girl-in-charge: *laughs together*
Guy-in-charge: "Uhm...Ana Isabella!" *laughs...AGAIN*
Me: *shyly approaches them* (a bit confused)
Guy-in-charge: *hands me my test permit*
Girl-in-charge: "Hey, do you pronounce your surname?"
Me: "Day-pah-ree-neh"
Girl-in-charge: "Oh. Okay" *then looks at guy-in-charge*
Me: *leaves the room*
Guy and Girl-in-charge: *continues laughing*

I understand how some people often mispronounce my last name but never was I ever laughed about it.
But partly careless.

After that incident, my mom and I waited near the exit of the university for our car.
Since they were so far away, we went inside this bookstore just in front of UST.
Bought a book and came back to the spot where we waited earlier.
After 10 minutes of waiting, I saw Mark Mendoza entering the gate.
Well...he saw me first and gave me the "Uy!-ikaw-pala-yan" kind of look.
I gave him the same look as well (Though I was kind of surprised he still remembers me)
He asked me where's my Kuya (Kuya Lorenz), I told him he was going to pick us up
He then asked me what was I doing in UST and told him I was just going to pass my form
Then he said good luck (with 2 thumbs up) and walked away.

After that, my mom wanted to sit down, so we looked for a bench for us to sit and wait.
Again waiting, Kuya Mark came up to us and we chatted for a while.
He asked questions about my Kuya.

My favorite question would be:

Kuya Mark: "So...pumayat na ba si Ralph?"

I just had to laugh after that question.
My answer, you ask?

Me: *Laughs* "Hindi. Ganun paren siya."

After some moment of talking, my mom and I excused ourselves and told him we had to leave since Kuya called and said that they were near UST.
He then told us that he also had to go somewhere with his friend (who, awkwardly, looks like him)
So we bid each other goodbye.

After 10 minutes of waiting, our car FINALLY came.
We stopped by at the PAL Training Center because Kuya Igie had to get his certificate of graduation after attending this training program for international ticketing.

Then we had lunch in Aristocrat.
Chew. Chew. Chew.
Yum. Yum. Yum.

After that, we went to the World Trade Center.
My family wanted to see the car show so...

It was alright.
We checked out some cars.
Took pictures.
Walked around.
Collected bags (that would be my mom)
Blah Blah Blah.

Hindi ko siya masyadong na-appreciate kasi hindi ako mahilig sa mga cars eh.

Anyway, after that we dropped Kuya Igie at Southville since he had basketball practice.

So yun, went home and made this post.

Tapos mamaya, mag bibihis na naman ako kasi mag si-simba kami and we'll probably go to ATC afterwards 'cause I need to buy a dress for our choir presentation (that will be on Tuesday).


Oh! By the way,
Nasira iPod ko!
I charged it this morning before going to UST and then when I decided to use it inside the car...
It wouldn't turn on!
Ayaw niya mag charge!
Wala na.
Boring na tuloy.


Lost hope?
No. Not really.
May pag asa pa naman.


"It's a beautiful life! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!"
Hahaha! Love you Hen!

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