Saturday, August 30, 2008


"Hello Miss Lady"
-Dale Doback, Step Brothers

My feet hurt.

Went to MOA this morning 'cause we wanted to show my aunt around Manila.
She came from the province so...
And because she's going home tonight so we decided to shop for some "stuff" to give to our other relatives back in the province.

AND...some "stuff" for myself too. Haha!

Gosh. All that walking made me so tired, I slept through the whole drive home.
I don't normally sleep in the car.
Not unless I didn't get enough sleep the night before.
But I slept a good 8 hour sleep, so it was the walking.

WOW. That's a lot of SLEEP.

I realized now that I'm always out on weekends.
I mean, I always have plans, places to go, family plans, outings, etc.
And that didn't happen to me a lot before.
I would usually stay in our house, lock myself inside my room, drain my eyes from using too much of the laptop, TV, eat and sometimes, (when all hope is gone) sleep.
It was like a ROUTINE.
But ever since the review classes I had to attend every Saturday, it all became hectic.
Plus some other family plans (which happens every Sunday)
No more of the "routine" happened.
I became busier and busier. Even after the review classes had finished, I remained busy every weekend.
Not that it bothers me. It's fine.
Just a little realization, that's all.

Here's what happened last weekend:
Saturday- Went to Church and Ruins (that happened after the August 23 post: "Another 'What a Saturday'.")
Sunday- Went to my cousins place in Cavite for the house blessing of their new home.

Including Monday (since it was a holiday and school was out):
I went to cheering practice and ATC (afterwards).

And PROBABLY next Saturday, I'll be going to De La Salle University in Dasma to pass my application form.
That is, if I finish it by this week.

Oh. Which reminds me.



iPod ko! WOOHOO!!!
Don't know why.
I lost hope the day after I found out my iPod wouldn't work.
But after a little talk with my cousin (she offered suggestions how to fix my iPod)
It was a "Eureka!" moment.

Oh and by the way:
I wanna watch Tropic Thunder!

Kuya said it's funny (even though he hasn't seen it...YET) has Jack Black on it!
Imma watch it! Haha!

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