Sunday, July 27, 2008

My name is Wayne

Hey there kids!
Fresh off the weekend here.
Had a great one? Hope you did.

Alright. Enough about that.
Let's get on with the real deal.

Familiar ba yung title?
Kung hindi, obviously you don't watch a lot of TV.
Kung oo, I'm sure kilala niyo kung sino nag sabi niyan.

It's our idol, Rain!

What about Rain, you ask?
Well, we all know him as Lee Young-Jae from Full House; Taejo Togokahn from Speed Racer the movie and of course, we wouldn't forget him from the Clear shampoo commercial.
And now he has another film called Ninja Assassin (what a name huh?)
Where he plays one of the world's deadliest assassins in a mission to get revenge on the Ozunu Clan for killing his friend.
Alright. I don't want to give you the full summary 'cause...
I just don't want to. Haha!
But the main reason why I made this post is because I want to show you something.
I know it's not me to share with you ANYTHING related to...Rain
But I just thought this was "post worthy".

It's a video. Don't worry.

Here's a clip of Rains interview about his movie

Oh by the way, it's better if you watch it with speakers.
WAY better. Trust me.

Alright. There you go!
Feel free to comment or tag about the video.
Hahahahaha! I swear favorite ko na talaga si Rain dahil diyan, you know!
favorite niyo na ren ,you know, siya after 2 minutes
That is, you know, if you watch it.
Haha! You won't be sorry!
Well, you know...for Rain, YES.


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