Friday, June 27, 2008

Stress and Kanye West

Hello blogging world! has been a long time since I made a post.
I'm here now so NO WORRIES! Haha!

I couldn't find time to make a post 'cause I'm busy with school.
Gosh! Ang Stressful!
Rami ko kasing kailangan gawin!
No time to rest at all! Kahit weekends, busy pa ren!
I haven't slept a good 8 hour sleep these past few days and it's starting to kill me!
Shallow. I know.
I'm just not used to sleeping late and waking up really early.
And for crying out loud! I do that EVERYDAY!
Yes. Even on Saturdays and Sundays.
Oohh...Lucky me...

Whatever. Enough about that.
Let's go on with the real topic. Haha!
I recently visited Kanye West's Blog...
Fine. Not "recently". I'm kind of updated with his posts.
Anyway, the reason why I visit his blog is because I enjoy reading his posts.
Even though they're REALLY short and has no sense at all, I stick a while for his pictures.
I find his pics really cool! They're...hhmm...weird.
But in a good way!
And his posts are UNIQUE. I mean, he makes RANDOM posts about stuff he thinks that are worthy enough to be placed in his blog.
Like new gadgets, REALLY nice houses, art, news, some cool techno stuff, random celebrities and models, shoes, and cool looking furnitures.
Especially CHAIRS.
Yeah...chairs...I think he has a thing for these.

All in all: I'm INSPIRED.
I love the techno thing he has going on with his blog!
That's why I'm going with the same thing.
Well, except mines is the dead ugly version of his blog.

You can check out his blog yourself!

Click HERE to be amazed!

Alright. There you go!
By the way, if you don't appreciate his blog the way I do, don't be disappointed.
It's just my opinion. We all have different tastes for things.

Oh and before I go!
Check my "daughters" multiply!
It's her first!!! Hahaha!

To Dominique's Multiply! Woosh!

It's new so it doesn't have a lot of pics but I'm sure she'll be uploading new pictures of her in UK soon.

Got to end this random post here and might wanna take some time off.
A.k.a. = SLEEP.
Buhbye for now!

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