Friday, June 13, 2008

Hello "Blogging" World!

Let's do this!!!

"Wow! welcome to the blogging world!"
I didn't know why but when Beverly told me this, I couldn't help but to laugh.
She made it (unintentionally, I suppose) sound like I was born yesterday.
But then...I realized that MAYBE I WAS born yesterday into the so-called "blogging world".
Well...probably today 'cause I'm making my first ever post but hey, you know what I'm talking about.

Going back, I've always thought of making a blog but then some "personal" reasons have been holding me back...

FINE! not "personal" reasons but THEY ARE to me!
Let me enumerate:
  • You guys might think it's boring (hey, I think it's boring myself)
  • I'm not "Patti-good" in English. (haha! Love you Patch!)
  • Nothing "exciting" ever happens to me.
  • I won't have a lot of things to write.
  • And...I can be lazy at times.
But, hello blogging world! Haha!
I took the risk and made a blog anyway.
Hey, it's a free country!
Leave me alone!
Kidding. first ever post will be about how I'm gonna make my first ever post. haha!
I honestly don't know what I'm going to write about this post but hey...I'm typing ain't I?
Might as well make sense with it.
Anyway, I forgot to introduce myself (whew...finally something to talk about!)
I'm Ana Isabella Deiparine (Day-pah-ree-neh)
But you can call me:
  • Aina
  • Ana
  • Ann
  • Na
  • Isabella (sure, why not?)
  • Deiparine (hhmm...okay?)
  • Banana
  • Bonanza
  • Lang
I'm 15 years old (I'm turning 16 this year)
I was born on October 2,1992
I'm Filipino (full)
I'm a Senior student in O.B. Montessori

About me:
I'm nice? haha!
I'm annoying. Well, I think I am.
I'm into random stuff.
I get pretty shy around new people but I do want to make friends.
I'm "kiddy" at times and serious when needed to be.
I like giving advice.

I don't know.
That's me I guess. Haha!
Just ask me if you want to know more, alright?

Anyway, that's it.
I thought this post might end quickly 'cause I didn't know what to say but's not that bad right?
It's a start.

Wow...I feel so "Perez Hilton-ish" about this post! (Yes, I go to that site)
Woohoo!!! Hooray for me!
I wish I could get more of this feeling next time I make a new one. Haha!

So this is it for now.
I'll be back soon for more non sense posts. Haha!
Anyway, have a good day!

I know what you guys thought about this post
But at least I got you reading it until the end. Haha!
Kidding! Just kidding!

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