Friday, June 13, 2008

"Must haves" & "Disasters"

Okay. I'm back!
Haha! I suddenly had the "Perez Hilton-ish" feeling again.
So I thought of getting it out of my system by making another post. Woohoo!

Randomly, I thought of checking out some online shops in the States.
It was kind of disappointing 'cause those online shops didn't sell "disasters" before.
I mean, don't get me wrong
They have some really nice "must haves" too
But most of them were...(disregard "disasters") PLAIN.

Here are some of the goodies and "notties" that I thought were worthy enough to be written in this post:

Heart Peace Suede Bracelet

Okay, you have to admit, it's nice.
I fell in-love with this bracelet the minute I saw it. Haha!
I'm sure Bevs would like this too!
Shop: Wet Seal
Price: $ 4.00 (good enough!)
Label: Must have

Life Flip-Flop

I find this really cute! don't you?
Shop: Wet Seal
Price: $7.50
Label: Must have

Coco Halter Top

I don't wear these kind of tops but I fell in-love with it!
Shop: dELiAs
Price: $14.99 ($15.00)
Label: Must have

Black Gossip Girl Bow Headband

I don't know with you but I love it!
Haha! Hey, I love GG! Go Nate!
Something Blair Waldorf would wear, don't you think?
Shop: Kitson
Label: Must have

Blowfish Strip-Tie Sneaker

It's cute. I like these kind of shoes'
Even though I wear flip-flops all the time.
By the way, you can buy this shoes is Rustans.
Shop: dELiAs
Price: $34.00
Label: Must have

Restricted Cardinal Wedge

I hate it. My opinion!
Honestly, I think it's something my mom would wear! Haha! (ssshhhh!!!)
Shop: dELiAs
Price: $19.99 ($20.00)
Label: Disaster

Minnetonka Fringe Bootie

I hate boots so yeah...
Something Lauren Conrad would wear,
or DID wear. (I just saw a pic of her wearing this) Haha!
Shop: dELiAs
Price: $49.50
Label: Disaster

Ghita- Brown Suede Fringe Handbag explanation needed.
As I said, MY opinion.
Shop: Kitson
Price: $595 (WOW...)
Label: Disaster

Alright. There you have it.
I got lazy. Sorry! But I'll post more of these "Must have" and "Disasters" soon.
To make life a LOT easier for you (and for me!)
You could check these sites yourself: it? Good.
I'll keep you guys updated for the "new arrivals" Haha!

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