Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bivouac = Pain

Hello there.
It's been a long time.
I've been busy lately.
Anyway since I have the time, Imma make a post.

We had our Bivouac yesterday.

2 words: IT SUCKS.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not a physically active person kaya hindi ko talaga na-enjoy yung bivouac. As for people like Mek, Gabby, Liz and other active peeps, I'm sure they had a hell of a time.

Anyway, the role up of activities given to us were:
1.) Rope Course
2.) Obstacle Course
3.) Lunch
4.) Slide for Life
5.) Rappelling

The Rope Course was...alright?
I was able to accomplish 3 parts of the course but the fourth had to be...UGH.
I can't lie here.
A lot of people saw it!


But not Face-First kind of fall. Mines was more of a Left-Hip-First fall.
It hurt really bad. I HONESTLY thought I was gonna die. Once I opened my eyes after the fall, I thought I broke my bones, but thankfully (at least) all I got from it was a wound (not a deep one) and scratches on my right elbow.

That would have sucked if I broke all my ribs.

After the Rope Course, we immediately went to the Obstacle Course.
AWWMEN. The first obstacle was hard. Hahaha!
YES. First palang ah! I couldn't carry Bevs and she couldn't carry me.
So we both looked stupid thinking of ways how to get ourselves across the wall without cheating.
Which was what we ended up doing since we were HOPELESS.
Mek helped us. Hahahaha!
Yeah. She helped us just by using her knee.
Thanks a lot Mek!
The next obstacle was the belly craw. Stupidity stung me at first 'cause I used my elbows. It hurt like hell. It made me groan until I reached the end.
Then there was the tires. I found that part very easy. Not for Bevs though.
Sumobsob siya eh. Hahahaha! SORRY BEVS! Natawa talaga ako!
Nagulat ako eh!
First tire palang nadapa ka na. Awwmen! Sorry!
The Monkey Bars was next and it was HARD. Because of the fall, my upper body became weak.
I couldn't last 3 seconds on a single bar. We all tried but noone prevailed.
Oh yeah. I wanna add that Angela Stailey was good. She was able to do the quarter of the monkey bars. Sayang hindi nga lang ren niya natapos though. Our monkey bars struggle was cut short 'cause Anjela Celso sprained her right ankle. Nahulog ren kasi siya. So she was brought to the hospital and we were told to go to the next obstacle. Then blah blah blah...


Haha! WORST LUNCH EVER! Yes. Even LUNCH was challenging. The way we eat was being counted! and the worst part of it was we had to finish everything! Naawa ako kay Reb.
Naiiyak siya na ewan kasi hindi niya maubos! AAWW!!! It's okay Reb! Kami ren kaya! Haha!
Oh and thanks a lot Celina for helping me finish my rice! Stomach Saver!

After lunch, we had "Slide for Life".
I found this part VERY VERY FUN!
ANG SAYA! The height didn't bother me at all.
I was laughing my way through the whole slide.
Though yung pag "hampas" part yung masakit sa ulo.
But it didn't matter, it was all good.
I wanna add that my favorite screams were from:
1.) Annica (SUPER CUTE NIYA!)
2.) Sam
3.) Lauren (Super nakakatawa!!!)
4.) Reba
5.) Bea
6.) Bevs

The last activity was Rappelling.
It was uhm...mahirap. I didn't get the instructions that's why I was panicking my way down.
A lot of people enjoyed it, though.
I hate rappelling na.

After that, we fixed ourselves and packed our things.
We finished at around 6: something. Not sure.
Basta late na.
On our way to the bus, it hit me again.
I had a hard time breathing. It was like everytime I inhale and exhale, my chest would hurt.
So I tried sleeping just so then it wouldn't bother me.
By the way I wanna thank my busmate, Philip.
Thank you so much Flip!
Oh and to the others that helped me last night sa bus.
I love you guys!

So yup. That was yesterday.
I forgot to mention, my parents kinda freaked out when I told them what happened.
Hahaha! They told me not to go to school.

Anyway, today was boring. I was told to relax because of the activities yesterday.
My body hurts like HELL.
I couldn't get out of bed or do anything that involves using my arms and legs without groaning (with a hint of anger) while doing it.

I hate this.

Oh by the way I wanna thank my very good Betchfriend, Lauren for calling this morning just to check up on me.
Exact words of my tita: "I like her. She's a very good friend, Aina. Buti pa siya, tinawagan ka."
AAAWWW!!! Thankies Lauren! I wasn't expecting anyone to check up on me. Not even my parents. HAHA!
That short phone call made my day:)
I super duper love you!

Alright. That's about it.
Anyway, Imma make another post tomorrow if I have the time and if I'm not too lazy.
Take Care kids!
Stay in school and keep it zunk.
Peace out.


Here's my booboo.

Imma take a pic of it without the bandage.

Oops! Forgot to mention:
Happy Birthday to my cousin, Jesmae!
She's like a sister!
Take care and have a great one!

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