Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Betches much?

Yeah! I'm so glad hindi ko pa na fee-feel yung distance from my friends even though we've graduated na and it's summer already.

I've been having some quality Betch moments with the 4 best girls you could ever find.

Let me start with B-Betch.

-March 27, 2009/ Friday-

Bevs and I weren't allowed to go to Punta Fuego with the rest of the happy people because...
just cause! Haha!

Anyway, we didn't wanna be left out fun-less, so we arranged plans to hang out in ATC.
It was fun and sorta tiring. We didn't do anything except walk around while window shopping.
We were gonna watch a movie, but we thought the movies available were kinda boring.
So yeah...MORE walking.

By the way, we spotted the cutest bag in TopShop. Haha!
Beevs wanted to buy it but unfortunately, she didn't have any money then.
So for anyone who's planning to buy the red heart shaped purse, PLEASE don't!
My friend needs it badly. Haha! She sees tons of outfits with that bag!
So if you have a heart, don't buy it.

After the long walk, we stopped by Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf to stuff ourselves with more energy.
Here are some pictures:

Conversation of the day:
Upon reaching the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf counter...
Guy who works at Coffee Bean: "Miss you might wanna try our new low fat cheesecake"
Me: "Why? Am I that fat?" *jokingly*
Guy who works at Coffee Bean: "Uh..." *H.A.T.S.S./looks a bit embarassed* "No, not really." *sheepishly*
Me: "Well, too bad. I'm ordering your Chocolate Cake" *Jokingly*

And after that, I immediately had weight gain frenzies. HAHA!
I should've ordered the low fat cheesecake.

By the way, the last picture was taken at Dairy Queen.
Bevs wanted to eat something so yeah...

We had fun:) Right Beefs?
Aw! Quality time with B-Betch!

Oh yeah I saw a couple of people I knew in ATC like Miguel Vinarao, the incoming first year high school girls (I don't know their names), Andrea Avena, the guy who goes to our mass, tita Taneh and kuya Paul. YEAH!

-Mach 28, 2009/Saturday-

Went to the gym with P-Betch.
It was supposed to be me, Pat and Bevs but apparently, a bit of misunderstanding occured so it was just me and Pat.
Anyway, it was my first time in Sphere.
Heck, it was my first time in a gym!

At the front desk was this guy named Tiny (who I may add doesn't look tiny at ALL). He recorded our names, gave us the locks to our lockers and towels to wipe our perspiration while we work out.
Oh and we paid too, of course! :)

I sorta had those nervous butterfly feelings in my stomach before entering the work out place.
I was sure I was in a ride of intimidation once I see the avid gym goers working their brains out.

But FORTUNATELY, there weren't much people inside.
Most of them were the trainers but they didn't count 'cause they were just watching TV :

So yeah...
Pat and I started with the treadmill. We did 15 minutes and after that we consulted the trainer on what to do next. Then the whole session began. We did a couple of equipments, barbels and some ab work outs.
It was fun and ULTRA tiring.
I wasn't quite sure how people do these stuff without complaining how difficult it is.
I was obviously the newbie considering Pat has been going to the gym before and the trainer kept on assisting me 'cause...
Well...I looked helpless. HAHA!

We didn't have much time 'cause it was past 3 and I was to be picked up at Elfav at that time.

So Pat and I changed clothes and waited for her tita to pick us up.

While waiting...

*My legs look uber fat! But I'm gonna lose those babies soon!*

Then tita came.

As a treat, Pat and I rewarded ourselves with Halo-halo from Elfav.
Hahahaha! Galing gym eh noh?


- March 29,2009/Sunday -

I saw Pat in PCJ.
I was glad she attended our mass :)

- March 30, 2009/Monday -

It was PTC.
Okay, nothing special about this day but Bevs, Lauren and I were united again!
HAHAHAHA! Yeah...I missed Lauren.

Anyway, other than being united with them, I got good grades :)
I mean not "Patti" grades but nevertheless, they were good enough to make my parents happy.

Too bad I didn't see Hen and Pat. MEN!

Couple of pictures during that day:

I need to go to the gym...AGAIN.

-April 1,2009/ Wednesday-
It was my scheduled medical exam in La Salle.
I felt like vomiting because of intense nervousness before the actual day came.
And when I was there...
I kid, I kid. Haha!
That would've been embarassing!
Anyway, my first stop was the physical check up.
They gave me a form with different kinds of illnesses that I could have acquired through heredity. I suddenly became "health conscious" reading them while crossing out each with a hint of fear. Haha! Anyway, the FEMALE doctor started examining me. Checking this and that, I didn't realize it was done until she gave me my form back.
The next stop was the chest x-ray. I was told to remove my top and wear their hospital gown.
It took me 2 minutes just to change (I was a bit confused, okay?) and 5 seconds for the actual x-ray. I may want to add that the guy who took my x-ray looked somewhat like Mong Alcaraz. GREAT. Just the look-a-like I wanted to see...
Anyway, we went to the main hospital and had my CBC or blood test.
I swear I hate NEEDLES. I was nervous. I wanted to hesitate and run outside to my aunt.
But I was too late, the girl strapped my left arm with a thick rubber band and started looking for the "right" spot. SHIT. Hahahahaha!
And when she gave me the queue ("Wag gumalaw ah"), I covered my mouth with my handkerchief and closed my eyes tightly. Hahaha! I know, childish.
But I have a good reason for that! I was traumatized when I was young, I had my first dextrose and they started injecting me 3 needles one after the other. My worst childhood memory. HAHA! Anyway, they (my uncle, aunt, brothers, mother, father, Hen and neighbor) said it's like a bite of an ant, and they were right. It did feel like an ant bit me.
I felt proud parading out of the room 'cause for the first time, there weren't any tears streaming out of my eyes. Once I got out, I boasted my cotton bandage to my aunt with a huge "look-at-what-I've-got" look. Hahaha!
Yes, shallow, I know. But you would've been proud too!
Anyhoo, after that I went to get my PPD or skin test.
This is where I was scared the most. I've heard tons of experiences from the oh-so-dreaded skin test. Most of them said it was painful, only some said it didn't feel anything.
As the boy before me got out of the skin test room, he looked pale.
And that's when I freaked out but of course, I remained cool and calm.
I find the PPD much painful than the CBC. Ang hapdi! They injected this medicine (?) on the top layer of my skin and it stung so much. But it was alright, it was as short as the chest x-ray.
After 5 seconds, the lady covered the bump with cotton.
(Hen felt nothing during the PPD. MEN!)
Then finally the last exam, the drug test.
The guy gave me TONS of paper to sign until the real drug test began.
Hen and I met here while my fingerprints were being taken.
Anyway, since the line was taking long, Hen went to get her PPD and CBC test while I remained gulping a bottle of water to help me do my business.
It was quarter to 12 and I still couldn't pee so we ate lunch outside and came back at 1 to do the "thang".
So yeah...
(Don't want to elaborate full details of this experience.)

After the WHOLE exam, Hen and I (accompanied by her mom and my tita) went to check out our dorms.
The dorm room was...er small but enough to keep our stuff away from each other.
We agreed on having our room on the ground floor (stressful kaya kapag 4th!).
We signed a couple of papers, had our "interview" (not a serious one, it's more of a chat than an interview), asked a couple of stuff about our dorm and VOILA!
Can't wait!
After all of that's been settled, Lauren surprised us outside the dorm office.
She only stayed for a "Hi!","Hello!", hugs and beso's then went straight to her car na.
Hahahaha! I love Lauren!

Then yeah...went home feeling good about my day.

By the way, Hen and I don't have pictures during our medical exam.
I was too shy 'cause her mom was there! HAHA!
Sorry Hen!

-April 8,2009/Wednesday-
We had choir practice in PCJ for the Good Friday Mass.
After the practice, I went straight to Beverlys place so then we could eat lunch outside.
We ate in Rosemarys and settled in Starbucks to wait for my sundo.


Then we went home na. Haha!

-April 13, 2009/Monday-

We were gonna have a Betches day out 'cause Patti's gonna leave for States.
Had a bit of misunderstanding (Sorry Betches!) and ended up canceling the whole thing.
So yeah...
Went to ATC to pick up Lanz's glasses (by the way, I saw my anak, Marian, in Rustans) and went straight to Beverly's place :)

Since we had nothing to do, Beevs forced me to go to the hot tub with her.
So she lent me her swimsuit and yeah...
The water was supposed to be boiling hot but instead, it was freezing cold.
Hahahahaha! So Bevs and I SLOWLY got in the tub.
Actually, I was the one who got in first 'cause Bevs thought it was TOO cold. Hahahaha!
Well it was but I was able to bear it.

Okay, here are our malala pics. Please, don't make fun.
We both weren't ready! HAHA!

While in the tub we chatted, ate ice cream and watched tv.
Fun! Fun! Fun!


Can't wait to have more random outings with the Betches!
Love you girls!

Oh yeah forgot to mention, LANZ!!!
Ako yung magsusuot ng medal sayo ah! HAHA!

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